Karma To Burn/Sons Of Alpha Centauri : Split 7”

KarmaKarma To Burn and Sons Of Alpha Centauri are no strangers to each other. They tread a very similar path musically with both bands specialising in riff-heavy instrumental stoner rock. They’ve played together and they’ve worked together in the past. The ‘Last Day of Summer’ collaboration is a masterpiece of an album if you’ve never picked it up…

So here they are together again for this split 7” on H42 Records, and first up it is Karma To Burn.

The A side belongs to the West Virginian stoners. The track featured here is ‘53’ which the hardcore K2B fans may have picked up on last years E.P. You can be forgiven missing out on that one however, as it appeared on the radar with less commotion than the missing Malaysian airliner disappeared from it.

Continuing with K2B’s complex track naming process, ‘53’ is a track of two halves. Starting with an uncharacteristically slow build-up it touches on doom territory for the first minute or so. The subdued start soon relinquishes to some more familiar stoner riffs however. The way in which Mr Will Mecum can let his guitar do the story-telling almost makes any vocalist redundant. Karma To Burn don’t just jam, they make proper songs; just without a singer. They are pretty much the best out there at it too. ’53’ does nothing to go against that theory.

SOACSons Of Alpha Centauri play a similar game on their track but they have a few more strings to their bow.

Whilst ‘Conspiracy Theory’ certainly packs just as much punch as the K2B track in the riffs category. SOAC invite a whole lot more atmosphere into proceedings. There’s an eerie gothic feeling to the track in places and the band delve into darker waters than their Virginian cousins. It’s a bit sci-fi horror, a bit straight ahead stoner riffing and there’s even a bit of a funky RHCP style takeover when the aliens come down to land.

That’s just one track…let’s hope we get more from SOAC soon.

A neat little collection bringing together the best in instrumental stoner from both sides of the pond. Karma To Burn have a big UK tour coming up this summer and SOAC will be there in London for the release party for this 7” which sounds like a night not to be missed if you can help it.

This record is available to order now though!