Blues Pills : Live at Rockpalast

pills-rockpalastRetro is well and truly in at the moment, with a seemingly endless line of bands looking to the past for their inspiration. The result is some awesome music, with the “classic rock” flag flying high and proud in 2014.

Here at CackBlabbath we do love a bit of bluesey rock, and no one around does it with quite the panache of Blues Pills so we’ve been eagerly waiting for the release Live at Rockpalast, and by Christ was it worth the wait.

This 4-track demonstration of how blues rock should be done kicks off with (appropriately) In The Beginning which neatly captures the energy of the Blues Pills live sound,

Black Smoke keeps things rolling along, if anything this live version coming across even better than the studio version. There’s a proper dirty blues vibe rumbling away here, with Elin Larsson’s gravel edged vocals giving proceedings that extra edge that elevates a good track into a great one. You really get the live feel throughout this EP, harking back to an almost 70s “live in the studio” approach.

You want soulful, well Blues Pills can do soulful.. And how. Rock’n’roll doesn’t eat much more stripped back and raw than Little Sun before one of those unforgettable guitar solos kicks things up a gear in the middle.

Things draw to a close all too soon with Mind Exit with its rolling boogie-blues percussion overlaid with a meandering lead guitar line just made to get a crowd up and moving.

Live albums can be a hit or miss, but this is definitely a huge hit. Get some Blues Pills in your life, I guarantee you won’t regret it.