Hornss : No Blood, No Sympathy

Hornss-CackBlabbathWith roots in the Palm Desert scene that spawned the whole Stoner/Desert movement, you wouldn’t expect Hornss to be anything but canyon shakers. ‘No Blood, No Sympathy’ certainly packs enough rumbling bottom-end to be genetically linked to the plethora of bands born from that famous and sacred land. There is more to them than simply being another stoner band however.

There’s an obvious bare-boned gallop to the songs here to go with the most obvious of comparisons. There’s some Kyuss in there, and why not… There’s also a shedload of fuzz reminiscent of Nebula at their best. So far, so predictable…

Added into the equation there are some big chunks of doom. A lot of these songs, try ‘War Gods of the Deep’ for example, have all the hallmarks of a great Cathedral tracks and the slower big riff moments are pretty highly rated on the seismometer.

Doom and Stoner go together like fish and chips but Hornss cast their net even further. Hornss manage to get a feel-good vibe in there too, despite all the doom. Red Fang fans will connect with this lot as much as Electric Wizard fanatics as there’s some swampland around that desert.

Hornss are not a one-dimensional band by any means.

‘No Blood, No Sympathy’ is a collection of punchy short songs with over half the tracks weighing in at less than three minutes. This almost contradicts the heavy lumbering riffs, but the band cleverly splice in some punky choruses where you expect ten minutes of doom inspired wailing. So rather than an epic hour long journey you get half an hour of can-crushing anthems.

The result is a fast-moving riff-driven piece of work that is guaranteed to get your blood pumping.