Killer Be Killed : Killer Be Killed

KBK CBSupergroup is a term used and banded around a lot in rock and metal. Killer Be Killed comprises Max Cavalera, Troy Sanders, Dave Elitch and Greg Puciato… That’s a modern metal supergroup. No arguments from on this occasion…

There are some strong personalities and some very distinctive sounds that go with the members of this group. On paper this could be magic or a complicated mess of different styles.

Thankfully, it’s the former.

Killer Be Killed works like a dream. Everyone brings something to the table here. Dave’s colossal drumming ranges from punk blasts to a guiding line through the more reflective and hypnotic passages. Troy and Greg bring their distinctive pipes into the mix, which don’t stray from their day jobs too far; but together they prove to be a pretty formidable force. There’s also Max lurking around every corner just in case things start to get a little too melodic for you. The mix of styles and approaches create a fast moving album that doesn’t tread the same path for too long.

Everyone piles in on all the songs on ‘Killer Be Killed’. There’s none of that “I’ll sing this one, you take the next” business. Troy and Greg have certainly hit upon some chemistry working together on this project. It won’t be a surprise to see them working closely again in the future. The melodic and epic calls familiar from Mastodon records perfectly intertwine with Greg’s slightly more agitated bark. When Max butts in with his towering roar, it’s almost as if he’s tearing the other two apart. Not that it’s a bad thing. Max’s primitive calls and characteristic thrash riffs are more than welcome and stop ‘Killer Be Killed’ becoming too sickly sweet.

It’s hard to pick out highlights as the whole album is pretty mesmerising but ‘Melting Of My Marrow’ is one where the vocal chemistry really boils over nicely between the three. ‘I.E.D.’ is one of the more all-out aggressive tracks that brims with thrash attitude and ‘Forbidden Fire’ is a dreamy end to it all, but the whole album is a genuine joy.

‘Killer Be Killed’ captures four men who are obviously on top form coming together and creating a little bit of rock’n’roll magic. The members’ respective bands should be worried, because it is that good.

CB spoke to Max on Soulfly’s recent UK Tour about the unlikely possibility of these tracks ever being played live due to the members busy day jobs. He seemed pretty confident that there would be at least a few shows:

“You have to do it, just for the metal”

Can’t argue with that!