Edguy : Space Police

Edguy-Space-Police-Defenders-Of-The-CrownThere’s nothing quite like a bit of Edguy to put a smile on your face. Tobias Sammet’s crew of seasoned power metallers are back with ‘Space Police’ after a break of a few years which has seen the awesome rotating line-up rock opera, Avantasia, taking up most of Tobias’s time. Time that’s not been wasted then!

‘Space Police’ follows the Edguy tradition of being bloody good fun. Not taking life too serious but far from a joke band, Edguy’s brand of power metal is feel-good, empowering and motivational. A good dose of power metal shouldn’t seem cheesy; although you can’t help imagine some parts of ‘Space Police’ popping up on a long-lost 80’s movie soundtrack. On the whole, this album is a fist-pumping rollicking good time.

A cover of ‘Rock Me Amadeus’ complete with a German H-Blockx-style rapping maybe from the more over-the-top category but it’s damn catchy all the same. ‘Do me like a Caveman’ gets the gong for best song title “Like a caveman push inside”. Brilliant stuff. The opener ‘Sabre & Torch’ is a scorcher however. Tobias’s goes straight into overdrive accompanied by some searing guitars and some all-important “Woah – Woahs” in there.

It’s a beefy start to proceedings.

The title track and ‘Defender of The Crown’ continue the power metal masterclass as Edguy unashamedly flex their grin-inducing material. Perhaps the best moment is ‘Love Tyger’ however; with an epic sing-along chorus even by Edguy standards and a guitar solo to match.

Sometimes tongue-in-cheek, sometimes a little over-the-top but most importantly Edguy are brilliant fun and can pen a tune or two to get the most miserable of folk to lighten up for half an hour. If the pile of guitars in ‘Shadow Eaters’ doesn’t get your blood racing then you’re beyond all hope. ‘Space Police’ ticks all the boxes for fans waiting for their latest fix of Edguy but is essential listening for all. Everyone…