Anti-Mortem : New Southern

anti-mortem CBAnti-Mortem are heading our way very soon for that little gig they call Download Festival, so we thought we better get acquainted with them here at

‘New Southern’ is the debut album from Anti-Mortem but these fellas have been at this for a few years now and they claim to have penned over 100 songs throughout their career. There’s only thirteen on here though; it’s not a debut box-set.

The album title will give you a clue as to where this is going if you’ve yet to come across Anti-Mortem. The Southern element is obvious. Anti-Mortem are all about big ballsy riffs, Southern swagger with hooks and grooves that resonate with the simplest desires of us rock fans. It’s music to throw up the horns, headbang and chug a few beers to.

There’s nothing too unique going on here. Anti-Mortem sound as though they have been to a few BBQ’s with Hellyeah and Black Stone Cherry to get their tips. You can’t argue with the way in which they execute it though. This is a fist-pumpingly good stomp. It’s ideal music to kick back to on a hot dusty June day with a warmish cup of Tuborg in hand. Which is not as crappy as it sounds when everything drops into place is it?

Larado’s vocals fall very close to those of Chad Gray’s but if anything the Anti-Mortem man has a better range; he can actually sing, not just belt out the angry stuff. This album wins thanks to it’s plethora of unrushed and face-melting guitar solos however. Any “Southern” album worth it’s salt must be a guitar driven peice of work and Anti-Mortem don’t fall short in that category. In fact they excel at it.

Going back to that hot and dusty field at the side of a race track for a moment… ah yeah, these guys are going to go down a storm at Download!