CB Spotlight : Hornss

Hornss have just released their awesome ‘No Blood, No Sympathy’ album which is going down a storm here at cackblabbath.online. It’s an eclectic mix of all the good stuff: Doom, Stoner and Gritty Rock’n’Roll. But, now for the pinnacle of their career… they’re under the CackBlabbath Spotlight!

Hornss Spotlight CB


Band Name : Hornss

Home Town : San Francisco, California USA

Year Formed : 2010

Current Lineup : Mike Moracha: Stun Guitar, vocals / Nick Nava: Bass Guitar, vocals / Bil Bowman: Traps

Brief History : Mike and Nick are from the desert, were in SOLARFEAST with Chris Cockrell (later in KYUSS), then JACK SAINTS. Bil is from Florida, played in lots of bands, such as… BLACK QUEEN, ZODIAC KILLERS, CAROLINER RAINBOW.

Career Highlight : This interview.

Future Plans : European tour with BLACK WIZARD this summer, recording our second album.

Describe your music in 1 word : 

Bil: Brown

Mike: Purple

Nick: Arid

What is the most common misconception about Hornss?: 

Mike: That Nick was replaced by a look alike after an unfortunate ringette accident took his life.

Bil: That Mike is actually a plant… and that I have one ball.

Nick: That I play ringette.

Tell us something interesting / amusing / stupid about the band :

Mike: We make fun of Anthony Kiedis. A lot.  Bil has two nicknames: Aidz Stix, and Cashew Bil. We drink next door at a drag queen/gay bar all the time, I like to write interactive fiction, and try to surf.

Bil: I actually have three nicknames… did someone forget Jamaican superstar “Shorty Mon”? BUMBOCLATT!

Nick: Bil always compliments us on the shirts we’re wearing, Mike does some pretty good voice impressions and I cancelled practice once because I overdosed on MDMA.

Bil: You guys do have some nice t-shirts…

Who would be your ideal tour-mates ?

Mike: The Plasmatics –  I wish Wendy O was still among the living. The Boredoms would be fun too.

Bil: Talk about getting upstaged!

Nick: Elvis Presley or Weedeater

And what would be on the rider ?

Bil: Ice cold beer in frozen mugs, please.

Mike: Good local beer, some vegan grub for me.

Nick: Fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches and Bourbon.

Bil: haha!

Band Website : www.easyriderrecords.com

Facebook URL : https://www.facebook.com/HORNSS

iTunes : https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/no-blood-no-sympathy/id880222836