Hellyeah : Blood for Blood

Hellyeah BFBIt’s no surprise that Hellyeah always wait until the summer to release their new albums. When you give ‘Blood for Blood’ its first blast you’ll instantly get the horn for festivals, booze and BBQs. Hellyeah are built for the outside; playing the big outdoor crowds in (hopefully) sweltering heat. ‘Blood for Blood’ is yet another set of ballsy metal anthems to pump your fists and spill your beer to.

The band, refined to a four-piece and with new blood, are really hitting their stride now. The self-titled first album was a crushing debut filled with bounding anthems and those southern tinged slow ones that Chad pulls off so well. People didn’t seem to get past the “Ooh it’s Vinnie Paul” element however…

Moving on to album number four, they’ve put enough groundwork in to be accepted as a proper band not a sideshow, and importantly they’ve come up with the goods with the new material.

It all starts with the title track – which is extended to ‘Sangre por Sangre (Blood for Blood)’ – and it cracks off in typical fashion. A big simple headbanger of a groove and one of Chad’s signature sweet-sounding chorus lines. Add in some manically off-kilter guitar solos and we’re underway with a Hellyeah-style party.

‘Demons in the Dirt’ and ‘Say When’ resurrect Chad’s insane Mudvayne high speed ranting style for a minute or two, which is cool to hear. ‘Demons…’ is an absolute stormer and will get some pits started this summer.

Hellyeah seem to have upped the gears right through the album.  ‘Soul Killer’ goes at frantic pace and even the slower ones seem to have more momentum to them. ‘Blood for Blood’ follows the typical Hellyeah pattern of mixing up plenty of chugging anthems with a few slower southern moody numbers. It works well. If it ain’t broke and all that…

It’s the hard-as-nails barrages that are the best however; ‘DMF’ almost treads hardcore territory in places and the colossal riff will have your stereo bouncing out the cabinet. You can’t accuse Hellyeah of lacking punch.

Hellyeah may not have a flawless back catalogue, but ‘Blood for Blood’ is definitely one of their best. A few changes in the camp seem to have given them a renewed outlook and most importantly those massive hook-filled anthems are back and hitting the target.

All set to melt some faces in a field near you this summer.