Primordial Live at Bloodstock Open Air 2014

Primordial Live at Bloodstock Open Air 2014 16Bloodstock Open Air 2014’s main stage proceedings are well underway when the dark majesty that is Ireland’s Primordial descends. One of the few bands that seem to be equally at home in a small, shitty club as they are on the big festival stage, the sun may be shining but it’s always nice to have something to chill the soul.

The band take to the stage closely followed by the dark brooding figure of the enigmatic Nemtheanga. Inspite of the aura, there is something strangely engaging about the corpe-painted frontman and he greets the ecstatic crowd with an almost cheery “Hello Bloodstock, we meet again”.

Are we with you Primordial? Yes we bloody well are !!

Primordial Live at Bloodstock Open Air 2014 20No Grave Deep Enough gets things underway. Primordial are a band that tend to divide opinion but the BOA faithful clearly hold the band close to their blackened hearts. In something of a portent of what was to come Nemtheanaga warns us that the sunshine isn’t going to last.. “Nothing can stop the oncoming storm. We are Nero and Rome is burning”

Cue the first real singalong of the weekend, belting out “Sing Sing Sing to the Slaves, Sing to the Slaves that Rome Burns” doing as much damage to my voice as anything else this weekend.

Brilliant band, amazing song. By god Primordial are f’kin good.

Alas it’s but a brief encounter with these sons of the Emerald Isle, but as they conclude their short set with Empire Falls it’s clear that, as well as confirming their status with existing fans, Primordial have made a whole lot of new friends here at BOA.