Bloodstock Open Air 2014 : Interview with No Sin Evades His Gaze

Since we last spoke to No Sin Evades His Gaze, the boys have gone from strength to strength and with their album being released while we were at Bloodstock, it seemed the perfect time to catch up with the band. As last time though, what starts off as a sensible interview gets silly pretty quickly…

No Sin Evades Live at Bloodstock Open Air 2014 33It’s been about 3 weeks since last spoke to you when you played Les-Fest in Scotland, which wasn’t that long ago, but yet a lot seems to have happened since then…

Moat: We’ve all evolved!

Theo: We’ve all moved on to another stage of being!

I’m slightly concerned that Kev seems to be missing… 

Moat: He didn’t evolve quick enough…

Theo: Natural selection!

James: This is already going the same way as last time we spoke to you…

Okay, let’s move on from Kev… We are here at Bloodstock just now and you guys played the New Blood Stage yesterday. What were your first thoughts when you finished your set?

Theo: Oh no, I have to pack up all of my stuff… while James does nothing!

Dan: Get off stage as quickly as possible before people change their mind about liking us!

James: That it was really, really warm in that tent!

Theo: I think I spent a while afterwards just being in shock. There’s such a big build up to something like Bloodstock and then so quickly it’s all over and you get a bit sad! Thirty minutes isn’t long when you are up there.

James: It was cool to see the tent so fucking busy. We clashed with Entombed AD and Cambion, so to see that many people in what is a big ass tent and to watch people getting so into it, it was just amazing. Especially because we were on pretty early as well.

No Sin Evades Live at Bloodstock Open Air 2014 35We heard a lot of good feedback from the crowd after your set and there was a lot of people who were clearly there to see you as they were up at the front before you started. That must feel nice for a band so new?

James: Oh definitely. I mean the band on before us had quite a rough deal as the main stage had just opened and they didn’t have much of a crowd so we were initially a little bit worried, but it just packed right out!

Moat: It’s also a testament to everyone who has really been helping to push our album. The hype has really been taken note of and we really appreciate that. We really can’t thank everyone enough for all of the support we have received. It’s just been so crazy.

The debut album, ‘Age of Sedation’, came out yesterday. Have you managed to hear anything yet about how it’s doing? 

Dan: Yeah, we’ve had a really good reception so far.

James: Even though it only came out yesterday, it seems a lot of people have already got it. We haven’t had chance to go on the internet yet and officially see how it’s doing because we have been here at Bloodstock, but I imagine it’s gone down well because it’s a fucking good album!

Moat: I’ve had some people messaging me saying some really nice stuff.

James: When we get back we will really be pushing it and just see what happens. I’m hoping people like it, we have put a lot into it.

Well we here at loved it and our review will be going up soon!

James: Well the lowest score it has got so far is 8 out of 10… so don’t ruin it for us!

Moat: Just remember we killed off Kev… that’s all I’m saying…

I’m starting to worry now… should I be calling someone to report Kev missing? 

Theo: No, he’s just very tired and he has a headache…

James: He told us last night that he was going to the bar to get drunk… but he was already drunk. You can’t get drunk if you are already drunk, you can only get more drunk! So he was a bit of a stage last night! To help the hangovers this morning though we turned our tent into a wind tunnel… Opened up both ends and it was amazing!

Theo: I woke up and I was roasting. My tent is definitely not a wind tunnel. The sun was directly on me and I thought I was going to die!

Well then I appreciate you all making it here to talk to me after your ordeal this morning! As you were saying you’ve had a lot of support so far as a band and I wanted to ask you guys about Dom Lawson, because he has been massively bigging you up recently… I can only imagine how amazing that must feel?

Theo: It really is!

James: He is here somewhere, we need to find him and buy him a drink to say thank you!

Moat: It’s just so amazing that he is backing us, some of the things that he has said have just been incredible.

No Sin Evades Live at Bloodstock Open Air 2014 24You’ve only been a live band for a couple of months how, how did he come about first hearing about you?

Dan: It was our manager who first introduced our music to him and it quite liked it!

Theo: It just feels crazy, he’s such a big deal and for him to like us… that’s such a massive complement. For someone of that caliber to be mentioning us on the many occasions that he has so far… on his podcast, in The Guardian, in Metal Hammer… it’s just so hard to take in!

Moat: We really are so grateful.

So after Bloodstock is over, how is the rest of the summer looking?

Dan: Everything has been fantastic so far and I’m worried things are going to suck soon as we have to go back to reality a little bit!

Theo: We do still have a pretty big gig in London to look forward to, playing with Invocation.

Moat: Yeah, that’s at the O2 Academy in London on the 21st of this month. You can still buy tickets for that through our BandCamp. Then at the end of the month we have Mammothfest!

You were saying last time we spoke how excited you were about that, who else is on the line-up for Mammothfest?

Moat: Ingested, Nexilva, Martyr Defiled…

Dan: So many good bands…

Moat: Meta-Stasis, Savage Messiah… Such a good bill. It’s going to be disgusting!

Theo: Especially in that little room… It’s going to be packed!

So there’s still plenty to look forward to then! To anyone who catches you live this summer, whether it was at Les-Fest, Bloodstock, Mammoth Fest… What is the one thing you would like them to go away remembering about you?

Theo: I’d like them to think they want to see us play again! That would be a good start!

Dan: Just anything positive really.

Moat: Whenever we go out there, we just put on the best show that we can and make sure we give 100%. If we leave the stage feeling good about what we have done, then that’s all anyone can really ask at the end of the day! Some people will like it, some people won’t. We just hope that the people who do like it will tell other people, or they will go out and buy our album, or buy tickets to another show… That’s the hope anyway!

So now the stress of you guys playing is over for this weekend at least, who are you excited about seeing at Bloodstock?

Dan: We are going to go and see Decapitated in a minute. Emperor tonight…

James: I want to go and see Hellyeah later, just because I love Mudvayne. I just want to go and look at Chad Gray and think, “You’re in Mudvayne” and then he’ll look at me and he’ll think… “I’m in Mudvayne” and then I’ll go and see Emperor with everyone else!No Sin Evades Live at Bloodstock Open Air 2014 28

Moat: Haerken are playing on the Sophie Lancaster stage tomorrow. They were incredible at Les-Fest so I am well looking forward to seeing them again.

James: If you ever go anywhere and Amon Amarth aren’t playing, but Haerken are, go and see Haerken because they are just as good!

Dan: I kind of just want to stay to see Amon Amarth’s stage set up as they have the big viking longboat with them again I think. I think that is going to be crazy!

James: I want to see Rammstein’s budget and stage crew together with Amon Amarth’s vision… Can you imagine that?

Moat: There would be a full on CGI battle going on… holograms and everything. Odin would just fly down… Thor’s hammer smashing everyone… At the end of the set Ragnarok occurs and everyone just fucking dies!

I feel like I want to try and make that happen for you now, just because I like you guys…

James: You have the power to make that happen?

Moat: Do it! We’ll back you the whole way!

Saying that, I did promise Jill Janus from Huntress that would get Miley Cyrus to do a cover of one of their songs and that’s not happened yet. As soon as I’ve done that though… the Amon Amarth thing is next on my list!

James: So what you are saying is that our dream isn’t even your top priority? We want you to do this massive thing for us and it’s not even getting all your attention?

Moat: To be fair we should probably work on resurrecting Kev so we do have our own stuff to be getting on with for a while!

James: Man we do need to start looking after our band members better!

So back to Bloodstock and reality for a minute! What are your thoughts on the other New Blood bands this year? Any stand out acts for you?

James: Abhorrent Decimation were fucking sick! Those guys are proper death metal and they are well scary!

Dan: They are actually another band playing Mammoth…

James: The guys that were on after them, Brutai, they were great. We actually partied with those guys last night… I now have a headache!

And who do you think should Bloodstock be considering for the New Blood line-up next year? 

James: That’s tough! You know what, any band that I could recommend who are kind of underground or whatever, I don’t think they should be playing New Blood… I’d want them on a bigger stage!

Dan: Oh, you know what, there’s a band called Mary Fields, who are kind of like Shining meets Dillinger Escape Plan. I saw them in my home town not that long ago and they are from Holland and they are fucking amazing. I’m not sure how well they would go down here though maybe? They are like Dillinger Escape Plan with trumpets and Hammond Organs.

Moat: I’d like to see Core Of Lo play… They played with us at our East Bourne show and I think they would go down so well!

James: I’d like to see Baby Metal play the New Blood Stage because the stage is small and they would just pack it out!

Theo: Next year I’d like to see Meshuggah on the New Blood Stage, just to see how many people would go or if people would think it was a pisstake!

What if we got Meshuggah to play the New Blood under a different name and then we wait and see how many people actually realise who they are watching?

James: Yes! Let’s do that! Actually no, you know what… Let’s throw a curve ball in there… How about Cher?

Dan: You want to see Cher play the New Blood at Bloodstock?

James: Yes! I want Anaal Nathrakh to play and then I want them to be followed by Cher.

Theo: (singing) Do you believvvve in life after love?

James: Seriously! That is my recommendation. Bloodstock… are you listening?

Theo: Nickelback!

James: Yes! I want them headlining. No New Blood for them. I want to go on record right now to say I want to see Nickelback headlining Bloodstock 2015.

No Sin Evades Live at Bloodstock Open Air 2014 36You are aware they would get bottled off the stage right?

James: No. Shhh! That would be fucking perfect.

Theo: It would be a bloodbath!

Dan: The scary thing is that Cher would go down better than Nickelback.

James: No, seriously. I am going on record saying this. I’m currently at Bloodstock Open Air, the most brutal metal festival in the UK and I fucking love Nickelback, so you can shove it up your arse! They are a well good band.

Theo: They are actually a good band. I’m going to second that!

Moat: And this is the moment where I resign from the band! It’s okay though, we’ve had a laugh. Everything has to end sometime…

James: Aw what is this? Everyone thinks it’s cool to hate! I’m going to explain why they are so hated. They write so many amazing heavy, grunge rock tracks but their label pushes them to release ballads all the fucking time, so everyone hears that on the radio and hates them…

Theo: They should give them a chance!

James: Some songs are actually so good! Like proper metal! I probably like Nickelback as much as I like Lamb of God…. And I have just lost us all of our fans! Sorry guys!

I’m sure you will be forgiven for this one discrepancy! Right I can hear Decapitated starting, so I will let you guys go before Moat and Dan burst with excitement, but thank you for talking to us again and best of luck with the new album! 


You can check out ‘Age of Sedation’ at and we hear at highly recommend you do!