The King Is Blind : The Deficiencies of Man

TKIBThe King Is Blind first came to CackBlabbath’s attention during the run-up to this year’s Bloodstock Festival. We’re always poking around looking for bands other than the obvious to catch at festivals, and after one listen to this lot’s Bandcamp page, we penned them into the schedule.

Looking at the heritage in the band it should be no surprise that they are onto a winner here. Featuring former members of Cradle of Filth, Entwined and Extreme Noise Terror should point you towards the thinking that:

a) They’re going to be heavy, and

b) They’re going to be pretty good too.

Correct on both counts then…

‘The Deficiencies of Man’ is a blistering run through some hulking metal. Bringing together the blast of death metal, the undulating atmospheric guitar pieces of black metal and the doomy low end crawl of sludge; they certainly pack a lot into these four tracks. It’s an extreme metal wet dream sure to turn some heads when it comes out.

Steve’s expansive roar on ‘Thorns that Peirce the Skull’ coupled with the speedy chug of the guitars demonstrates what this band can do wonderfully. Combining the weighty thud of the black metal greats with a tendency to skip into a rollicking Carcass style gallop, this is an E.P. that doesn’t rely on just one trick to get you hooked in.

The tempo shifts rapidly. The clattering rhythm section on ‘Of Osiris & Execration’ sets off at 100 mph but a grinding mid-section brings the pace down to a towering but sloth-like trudge to finish things off. It all means that although there are only four tracks to this debut, there’s plenty of definition to them that makes sure it doesn’t all go past in a blur. Each track is memorable and identifiable for its own distinctive sound and structure.

Best of all is opener ‘A Thousand Burning Temples’ which introduces you to the band with one continuous barrage of scorching extreme metal. Check it out for yourself:

They are a band still in their infancy but The King Is Blind already look to be one of the most exciting bands on the British extreme metal scene.  They nearly took the roof off the Sophie tent at Bloodstock this year and we can only imagine they’ll get even better in time. This first instalment in their story is a belter and holds plenty of promise for the future too.