Witch Mountain : Mobile Of Angels

Witch-Mountain-Mobile-Of-Angels-coverPortland’s Witch Mountain deliver their latest ‘Mobile Of Angels’ album just a week after Electric Wizard punished us with their latest piece of work. So things are all happening in the world of Doom at the moment…

Going up against the Electric Wizard looks dangerous on paper but as we’ve seen this week already; Electric Wizard’s album perhaps falls short of the mark in our high expectations. So it’s the perfect chance for these doom-bringers to step in and take all the accolades.

Of course, Witch Mountain are a different band within the doom stratosphere. Uta Plotkin’s vocal range goes from down and dirty blues right up to some high pitched air-raid sirens. She’ll be a hard act to follow when she leaves and has also left some poor soul with quite a varied catalogue of songs to get their vocal chords around.

Let’s hope Blaze Bayley is busy this winter…

Swathes of bluesy doom create a melancholy but strangely contented feeling for much of this record. It’s unrushed and laid back qualities positions ‘Mobile Of Angels’ at the more easy listening end of the doom spectrum. The title track has a horror movie style organ intro to it that ups the spooky factor and Uta can be very forceful in her perfectly crafted vocals; so it’s not all fluffy bean bag music.

The album cover is pretty cool too, nothing soft and cuddly about that!

‘The Shape the Truth Takes’ is a beautifully sung number and is a great example of one the next singer will have to pull out all the stops to tackle.  The guitar solo is just as majestic however and the album as a whole has some great guitar lines shooting through it. Whether it be big sloth-like doom riffs or some vintage-tinged guitar soloing, there’s plenty of stuff to make you pull out the air guitar.

We’re not ones to leave drummers out here at CackBlabbath either; Nathan pulls off the almost tribal thump to the finale of Mountain’s ‘Don’t Look Around’ with precision and the band make it their own as it fits the rest of the album like a fleece lined and ultra-luxurious glove.

‘Mobile Of Angels’ is a dark and rich sounding album. It’s beautifully mournful in atmosphere but has plenty of hard rock blues to get your teeth into at the same time.