Hordes of Belial V : Interview with Def Con One

Def Con One Live at Les-Fest 38It’s still early on in the day here at Hordes of Belial V, but in true support of the metal scene, headline act Def Con One are already in the venue and checking out the Scottish talent on offer. In between bands we grab them for a quick chat to catch up on the last twelve months and are excited to hear about some potentially exciting news which front man Davey hints at…

Def Con One are a firm favourite here at cackblabbath.online, but for anyone who has yet to catch you guys live, can you start off by telling  us a bit about the band?

Davey: We are Def Con One and we are heavy as fuck!

It’s been just over a year since I saw you perform at Les-Fest 2. What has happened since then?

Davey: Lots of gigs. We are currently writing our third album, which we are progressing with nicely. It’s sounding super heavy, super hard… Super Def Con One really…

Steve: Actually since last time we saw you, the second album has come out as well…

Davey: True… So we’ve had the Brute Force EP, the second album and loads of gigs. Now it’s all about the third album, which is as yet, still untitled.

While you are busy recording, how do you find it as a band? Does it get stressful sometimes?

Davey: Johhny gets pissed off because shit won’t do what he wants it to!

Steve: When you say “shit won’t do what he wants it to”, you mean YOU won’t do what he wants you to!

Davey: Aye… Basically aye! I do what I think it should sound like and they change it to what it should actually sound like!

Do you have a proposed date in mind for the new album?

Davey: No. We have to make sure this one is super hot, so we are going to spend a lot of time on it and get it totally nailed. Not just in terms of the songs, but in terms of the sound as well. The reception from the previous album was really good and we need to follow that. It was received well worldwide in fact which is always good.

So apart from the recording, what else is going on? Any tours coming up?

Steve: It’s all about pushing forward with the album really. We only have one more gig this year. We just want to concentrate on the new album and make that as good as we can, you know? We have signed with an agency called ADL Bookings and the girl there, Anna, she has been fantastic for sorting us with stuff. Trying to get us bigger festivals, that kind of thing. Hopefully you will be seeing a lot more of us next year!

Davey: What we need is for promoters in this country to be… Less problematic let’s say. Promoters in the UK seem to be quite scared to put a band on unless they have like ten million followers on Facebook when they should just be ready to put a band on just for being shit hot. Like we are!

Def Con One Live at Hammerfest by PixelMatrix.co.uk 15When you are touring… Who is the one in the band that is most likely to go in a strop first when you are stuck in the van together?

Johnny: That’s easy… We are all a bunch of cunts!

Davey: We all annoy each other on an even level! We all have our own little strops. (Pointing at Steve) He suffers from road rage pretty bad! I’d say I am probably the most annoying though. I do have a tendency to piss everyone off.

Steve: We have a big no farting sticker… but that just seems to get ignored!

Davey: Mainly by these two… And just to make that clear… When I say these two… I mean Steve and Johnny! They are the farty pants of the band!

Well they aren’t denying it…

Davey: Aye well they cannae… Or they’d be big fucking liars!

So we are here just now at Hordes of Belial and it is your only Scottish date this year. Why this gig? Why Dundee? What is it about this event which brought you North of the border?

Davey: Because Paul, the promoter just has it nailed on. A lot of promoters should actually sit down with Paul and ask him how he does it because this is actually fantastic what he has done. To have fifteen bands on and have everything sorted and organised like this… and the way we have been treated is just fantastic. It’s been a bit of an eye opener so to be honest we now want to come and do as many gigs as we can up here.

Excellent! We are always happy to have you! So what do you think about the Scottish talent on offer so far tonight?

Johnny: It’s awesome!

Davey: Awesome yeah. These bands need to get down into England and kick some arse down there as well. It’s been fantastic.

Antton, I have a question for you which is slightly off the topic of Def Con One, but I am curious… When we were at Bloodstock this year and we were sat having a wee drink and watching Down play, towards the end of the set, we looked up from our pints to see you sat at the drum kit… What’s the story behind this? 

Antton: Yeah I just got up on stage and took the sticks away from Jimmy and said “get yourself away”… Nah, I’ve known the lads from Down for years. I think it was actually the third time I’ve been up there with them. They do it all the time, whenever they play ‘Bury Me In Smoke’, they get friends up there with them and it’s just fun to play. I am always happy to get up there and play with them.

So what I would like to know, is when do we get to see the whole of Def Con One on the main stage at Bloodstock? It was great seeing you there Antton, but I want the whole band please…

Antton: Well you would need to ask Vicky that!

Davey: Maybe you should make sure you have a ticket for next year…

Oh really?

Davey: I just said maybe…

Hmmm. Intriguing… I can tell I am not going to get much more than that out of you. So let me ask you this…Would you like to be playing Bloodstock next year?

Davey: We would love to play Bloodstock next year! A lot of festivals could learn from Bloodstock. The way they look after their bands, the way they run it. It’s just amazing. The fact that they put on so much new talent is just incredible. Metal 2 the Masses is one of the best things to happen in this country. The way it gives new talent a chance to be heard. Even if the bands don’t make it to Bloodstock itself, they still get to play to big crowds of people and get themselves out there. It’s just fantastic what they are doing.

While we are on the topic of new talent, is there any underground bands from your local scene who you think we should be checking out?

Steve: Today The Sun Dies. They played the New Blood stage this year at Bloodstock actually. They are a Newcastle band and came through Metal 2 the Masses.

Davey: They are such a good band. We played with them when we supported Hatebreed at the O2 and they are such a good set of lads as well.

And in terms of Def Con One, what would you like to be doing next?

Davey: I’m aware I am doing most of the talking here, but I think we would like to tour Europe. Yeah? I want to go to America as well. I am a firm believer that if we went to a country that appreciated metal properly, we would be a lot bigger than we are right now. This country suffers a lot from egotistical… people. That’s all I’m saying!

So if we could make this tour in America happen for you, who would you want to be supporting?

Davey: Fucking hell… anyone? Slipknot would be alright! Biohazard?

Antton: Someone like ACDC or Metallica. They would bring the biggest crowds!

Davey: ACDC would be phenomenal. I don’t really like Metallica though. I think they are a bunch of cunts.

Johhny: Kiss!

Davey: Alice in Chains!

Antton: Basically anyone who will bring a big crowd!

Well until we can make that happen for you, we will settle for watching you perform later tonight on the main stage here at Hordes of Belial V. Thanks again for chatting to us, we look forward to the set!