Hordes of Belial V : Interview with Dirty Judas

Opening up Hordes of Belial this year is Dundee’s own Dirty Judas. We caught up with Col (vocals/bass) after the set to Screenshot 2014-10-14 08.36.34see how he found playing the biggest event of the band’s career so far and what else the band have planned over the next couple of months.

For anyone who hasn’t yet come across Dirty Judas, can you begin by introducing yourself and the rest of the band?

I’m Col and I do the vocals and play bass. We also have Gav on the drums, Sam plays lead guitar and Dave plays rhythm guitar. Me and Sam write the songs and the lyrics are all mine.

And how did you guys get together? Tell us a little bit about the band’s background.

We got together after Core called it a day. Gav was keen to get something else on the go. He’s about the soundest person I know and not far off the tightest drummer I had played with, so when I saw he was looking to put a new project together I rang him up immediately. We met for a couple of beers that night and sounded out what we would like to do. I had been at a lose end since my old band, Dissolved, had kinda faded out. That was about 2 years ago. Robi, also of Core and who runs Good Times Studio where we rehearse, put us in touch with Sam and then Dave to give us our two guitar players. 

Today you have opened the main stage at Hordes of Belial V. How was it?

The whole night was brutal. Such a varied line up too. None of us were expecting to see so many hardcore metal heads out so early so both the number of bodies and the reception we got was pretty mind-blowing. It was the biggest event for us so far. I’m really grateful to Paul and Critical Events for putting us on.

As you’ve said, there’s a varied line up on offer, who have been the stand out bands for you? Have you come across any bands you hadn’t heard of before who impressed you?

I thought Burning the Dream were superb, I hadn’t heard them before. Same goes for Centrilia. I’m a huge fan of Dog Tired and Threshold Sicks and neither of them disappointed. You can see why they are two of the top rated bands in Scottish underground metal.

So on the topic of Scottish underground metal, can you recommend any other bands local to you who you think we should be checking out?

Certain Death! Not that they are that local… But they are excellent! Man Made Origin, but they don’t need me propping them. They are incredible, same with Ramage Inc. Such massive sounds.

In terms of Dirty Judas, what is next for you guys? Any more gigs booked?

We’re in the last stages of getting our album done, once that’s out of the way we will be looking to play anywhere and everywhere! The album is called ‘Every Bullet is Another Nail’ and it should be blistering. It should be out by the end of next month.

What track off the album would you say you are most proud of?

Oh shit… Do I have to pick only one? We’re all really proud of the whole thing, we resisted the temptation to go into the studio after we had a few songs done, so that we could really make a whole album and cover all the bases we wanted to. I’d probably say ‘No Man’s Land’ because it has everything we’re about on it, some quality groove and a cement mixer of a chorus! But I could have said ‘Blood Price’ because it pushes my voice into crazy dark holes I’ve never been into before. Or ‘God Man Made’, as it’s lyrical matter is something I feel very strongly about. As a band though, I think we all enjoy playing ‘No Man’s Land’ the most. I reckon you can see why I’m the singer, eh? I don’t shut the feck up!

While you have been recording, how have you found the process? Have their been any stresses along the way?

Oh aye, definitely! Just through the week there, Gav was asking me to try shit with my voice I didn’t think I could handle and I wanted to tell him to come give it a shot. As it turns out, I did what he was suggesting and it turned out really well. Also, it’s not really until we’re in recording that we notice the wee bits and pieces that we are doing differently, so it involves someone changing what they are doing, and that’s usually not Sam! He’s a big guy…but they’re my bastard songs. To be honest, we’ve all got along with it really well, which is a real turn around from my last band. I can’t speak for Gav, but I think he’s finding it all a wee bit less confrontational than he’s used to as well! It’s funny because I’ve known Gav for about 10 years or so, but Sam was a complete stranger to us when he came on board, but I feel like I’ve known him as long!

Screenshot 2014-10-14 08.33.49You are obviously very proud of your songs, if you could chose any band in the world who you would like to hear cover one of your tracks who would it be?
If you’d asked me this a few years ago, I’d have said Mastodon or maybe Faith No More. I think the former have lost their way a bit and Faith No More… well, aye I think that would be pretty special! I’d love to hear what Gojira would do with one of our songs as well. Or maybe the Prodigy, just for the shits!
And finally, what is the absolute dream for Dirty Judas. What is it you would like to achieve in the band?
We’d love to get a slot on a huge summer music festival, that would be incredible. Beyond that, I think we’d like to be able to take our music abroad, meet some cool bastards and convert them into Dirty bastards! Realistically, we want to have fun, play some metal and have fun. We said when we put the thing together that enjoying what we do is the most important part and we are loving the Dirty life so far. I reckon we’ll be taking a step up over the next 12 months. I guess you just never know what’s round the corner, who’s going to pick up your CD or click on your stream. The lap of the gods is funny place to be!
Any closing words you’d like to give?
Thanks for taking the time to speak to me! It’s down to the hard and thankless work of spreading the word that people in your line do, that underground music has seen a resurgence in the day of social media. Embracing the modern day is the way forward for underground music. Also, anyone who wants to hear what we’re about and what we have been knocking our pans in putting together can come find us on Facebook.com/dirtyjudas