Hordes of Belial V: Interview with Burning the Dream

Screenshot 2014-10-14 17.37.05cackblabbath.online first came across vocalist Paul Kelly at Les-Fest 2 with a previous band and were so impressed with his vocal style, that when we heard he had joined Glasgow band Burning the Dream, we had to get an interview and find out more about these guys. Luckily for us, they were more than happy to have a chat at Hordes of Belial V, where we discussed everything from an upcoming album to knighthoods and ending One Directions career…

Welcome to Dundee, Burning the Dream! We don’t quite have a full line up of people here, but can you guys start by introducing yourselves and telling us what you do in the band? 

Iain: I’m Iain and I play guitar for Burning the Dream.

Rowan: I’m Rowan and I play bass.

Richard: I’m Ritchie and I play guitar and do backing vocals.

Paul: And I am Paul and I do the vocals. Martin is our drummer, but he’s not here just now. Bastard!

And tell us a little bit about your background. How did Burning the Dream as it stands now, become a band?

Paul: Well the guys had been gigging for a couple of years…

Richard: Two years… something like that aye.

Paul: The core members are Iain, Ritchie and Martin. Ritchie used to do all of the vocals as well as the guitar and they went through a bunch of bassists until they finally got Rowan on bass.

Richard: And then Rowan advised that we take Paul on as our vocalist. We were told he was reliable and he was good and it’s working out pretty well.

Paul: In terms of our sound, we have several influences which are the same. I’d say we all like Meshuggah. Me and Ritchie are huge Fear Factory fans. We all like Threat Signal. There’s a bit of Whitechapel creeping in there. All those bands pushed together is the kind of style we go for I would say. Clearly we aren’t pinned down to sound like any one of them but we are definitely influence by bits of their styles.

We are here at Hordes of Belial in Dundee today and you guys are due on stage in just over an hour. I hear rumours that you might be previewing some new material for us… Is this true?

Paul: Where did you hear that from? I didn’t tell you that!

Richard: Maybe because you plaster these things all over Facebook Paul!

Paul: Oh yeah. Are we doing the new stuff?

Rowan: Well I hope so… That or I learned them for no reason!

Paul: Yeah we are. We have a brand new song which we have never played to a crowd before and one which we have only played once before and that was in Edinburgh last month. The one we played in Edinburgh before is about a mental patient who talks to God and the brand new one is about the 45. It’s an ode to all of the Scottish people who can still call themselves Scottish.

We look forward to those along with the rest of your set of course. What’s your opinion on the line up here today? Any stand out favourites so far?

Richard: Centrilia. They are actually the only band I really want to see… apart from ourselves obviously! I’m not going to lie, I think they will be the best band of the night.

Paul: Pfft… He means second best! They are outstanding though seriously. Seed of Sorrow who are playing just now are an excellent band as well. We have played with them once before. I think that just about everyone who lives in Scotland has heard of Dog Tired by now. We probably should mention that Martin, our currently absent drummer is playing twice. He is also the drummer for Party Cannon.

Well maybe he will turn up for that interview later on then?

Richard: Aye… See if he does. He’s fired!

Paul: Aye! So those are the bands who we are most looking forward to. However they may be others I guess that we just haven’t heard of yet. You never know, we might uncover a wee gem!

Screenshot 2014-10-14 08.33.49On the topic of Scottish metal then, are there any underground bands who are local to you and you think people should be checking out?

Richard: Oh, that’s hard when you are put on the spot. Anyone spring to mind?

Paul: Well obviously Dog Tired are fantastic, but I think it’s fair to say they are already getting a fair bit of recognition right now, especially as they have just played Bloodstock.

Richard: I was going to say Scordatura, but they have also just played Bloodstock!

Paul: Again, it’s probably fair to say they are now also starting to get the attention that they deserve.

Rowan: Blood Thread?

Richard: Aye. We have a gig with them on the 18th of October at Shadow Central.

Paul: Trying to think of other Glasgow bands… I’m a big fan of Of One Blood. They are really good guys. I don’t think they have really spread their wings much beyond Glasgow yet, but hopefully as soon as they do, they will start to get recognised more.

So what’s happening with Burning the Dream right now. Any other gigs coming up? Any recording?

Paul: We’ve got the one we just mentioned which we are putting on ourselves. That is us, Blood Thread and Edgeville Hellride… Edgeville Hellride are another band people should be listening to actually. Great guys and their singer is just outstanding. He voice is honestly insane. The Colour Pink Is Gay were supposed to be playing as well but they have unfortunately had to pull out. Hopefully we will sort out a fourth band though. As it stands, that is actually the only other show we have planned right now. So if anyone reading this wants to come and offer us anything, get in touch on the Facebook page! In terms of recording, we have more than an albums worth of stuff now. It’s just getting the money together to do it which is the issue.

Have you any ideas for a title for an album yet then?

Richard: Yeah we definitely have the title.

Paul: Do we?

Richard: Dark Waters!

Paul: Ah, we are going with that are we?

Richard: Paul is new to the band, so he never knows what’s going on.

Paul: I’ve been in the band for like six months now! Why don’t I know this stuff?

Rowan: Because all we need you to do it stick a mic in front of your face and make noise!

Paul: That and try and keep me away from the bar!

So over the next twelve months, what would you like Burning the Dream to achieve?

Richard: I’d like to quit my job! Be able to fund this without it.

Rowan: That’s a dream and a half!

Paul: Yeah, I don’t really care about making profit. I just want to be able to fund the band and not worry about the bills at home.

Rowan: I’d just be happy with a lot of good shows in the next twelve months.

Paul: One thing that I would have said, but it actually happened to me the other day. I wanted to see someone I didn’t know wearing a Burning the Dream t-shirt. But that did happen the other day and it was just such a nice wee feeling! It was pretty cool seeing that for the first time when I was just walking down the street. It gave me a warm fuzzy feeling!

And if you were to dream big… What would you like to happen for the band?

Paul: Just a huge fucking crowd of people who know all the lyrics to our songs because they have listened to us that much.

Rowan: Being able to do a UK wide tour where the tour can fund itself.

Paul: Being offered a knighthood… Just for the chance to turn it down! I’d fucking love that!

If you promise you will actually turn it down, cackblabbath.online can organise that for you? But you have to promise to actually turn it down because we don’t have the power to really make it happen. We do have a plastic sword at home though we can use…

Paul: Really? Sweet! Okay, next time you are at a Burning the Dream show… bring that sword! I’ll get you up on stage. You can try to knight me and I will refuse it! Fucking sweet.

No problem. We are on it. So for this pretend knighthood show… If you could have a dream line-up to tour with. Who would it be?

Richard: Fear Factory.

Rowan: That would be nice. Maybe even Meshuggah?

Paul: I’ll go the same as Ritchie. Fear Factory.

Richard: And if Strapping Young Lad were to get back together. I’d go for that!

Excellent. Sounds good. Final question then… If you could have any band in the world cover a Burning the Dream song. Who would you like it to be?

Paul: That’s a good fucking question….

Rowan: One Direction? Think of the royalties we would make off that!

Paul: Aye… I’m actually with Rowan on that one!

Richard: I think Burt Bacharach would do a good cover song.

Paul: Anyone who can sing about Lesbian Seagulls can cover one of our songs. Definitely.

Rowan: El Divo maybe? They could do a nice operatic version of something…

Paul: There should be a disclaimer before Rowan answers anything. He opinions are the opinions of Rowan and not necessarily the whole band! Yeah so I guess One Direction would be nice based on the money…

I’ll see what I can do…

Paul: Might we recommend ‘Motive to Kill’ in particular? That would be brilliant to hear them singing that! Once you take away the growling style vocals and people actually hear what it’s about… It would fucking end their career!

Rowan: It might make their fan base age group a little higher?

Paul: Can you imagine the fucking heroes we would be if our song ended One Direction’s career?

Then you would definitely get your knighthood! This sounds like an excellent plan! 

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