American Fangs : American Fangs

American fangs cackblabbathHouston’s American Fangs are about to release their self-titled debut LP. After a run of shows across the UK with Papa Roach and hitting us with their ‘Pomona’ E.P. around this last time last year, they have since dropped off the radar a little bit of late.

Having sorted out a few issues that were holding them back recently; they’re ready to fire up the machine again.

With a classic rock’n’roll sound and some serious swagger to match, there’s plenty to like about American Fangs. Mashing up the good times attitude of well-matched touring partners like Papa Roach and Buckcherry and adding in some punk attitude too; American Fangs are all about letting your hair down and rocking out.

Granted, we’re not going to learn anything new from these chaps but that’s irrelevant in this arena. American Fangs rock and they have some tasty tracks on this debut record to demonstrate that very fact. From the angular opening of ‘Riot Food’ they ooze rock’n’roll and this is an album that rarely slows down for a break.

Having said that, there are a couple of tracks that are clear standouts on here. The ace in the deck is ‘Le Kick’ which has hit single written all over it. An infectious chorus line which is the most persistent of ear worms makes this an early gem in proceedings. Immediately following that ‘Pomona’ has a grittier attitude and is no doubt a live show highlight.

American Fangs make music “That hopefully makes you want to quit your day-job and do something REAL” apparently. Well that may be a bit of a short sighted attitude for most of us, but there’s no doubting the power of a proper good time record to lose your worries for an hour or so. This is one of those records and we can only imagine that the live show will be an even better escape from the hamster wheel.