Anthrax : Chile On Hell

anthrax chile CackblabbathSince the return of Joey Belladonna to the front of the band and the excellent ‘Worship Music’ album, Anthrax have been on a relentless touring schedule. From shows at Hammerfest, Bloodstock, supporting Motorhead right up to this year’s double duty at Sonisphere, we’ve seen them a few times recently.

So as Anthrax get ready to record a new LP and start a new chapter; it’s pretty compulsory that you wrap it all up with a live album/DVD.

So here it is…

Recorded in front of a typically ecstatic and vocal South American crowd, the audio section of this package has a pretty electric atmosphere whilst retaining a clear and crisp document of the performance.

Most of Team CackBlabbath will hold Anthrax’s ‘Among The Living’ performance at the UK leg of Sonisphere this year pretty highly in their highlights of 2014. The start of this recording brings back some good memories of that show as the thrash legends rip into five tracks from said album from the offset. An opening triple of ‘Among The Living’ ‘Caught In a Mosh’ and ‘I Am The Law’ is hard to beat…

It’s a long career spanning set list with most of the favourites  included with a couple of new ones, that stand up to the classics very well, on there too. Their cover of AC/DC’s ‘TNT’ may well be a great sing-along opportunity for the crowd but nobody does AC/DC like AC/DC really and it splits up an otherwise unremitting avalanche of top notch Anthrax.

It’s a slick performance that puts the cherry on the cake after a fantastic few years for Anthrax. Let’s hope there’s plenty more to come when the new material lands!