Grifter Live at Hard Rock Hell 8

Grifter Live at HRH 8 7Here at, we all get along reasonably well as a team, but when we’re at festivals we very rarely have the same plan for the day; in fact, we can go hours without crossing paths. That’s not because we’re really organised and want to cover every single band on every stage; it’s because we have very different musical tastes between us.

So it was quite a novelty to have all three members of the Hard Rock Hell version of Team CB in one place to catch Grifter on Saturday afternoon. The south west trio have become one of our festival favourites over the last few years. Down and dirty rock’n’roll is what they deal in, and that’s what we like…

By the turnout, quite a few other folk like them too as they pull out the punters from the black hole that is the main stage and away from the very HRH tones of Vardis. As far as CB are concerned, everyone should be watching Grifter though…

No offence to Vardis intended!

Grifter Live at HRH 8 8To be honest, there aren’t too many surprises in the Grifter set this afternoon, but that doesn’t matter much to us. With the new album ‘Return of the Bearded Brethren’ still pretty fresh and new it’s no surprise to have a set leaning towards the new material. They’ve been playing the cowbell heavy ‘Bow Down to the Monkey’ for quite a while now though and no Grifter show is complete without a run through ‘Fairies Wear Boots’ is it?

As Ollie says “Everyone loves Black Sabbath” and we’re not going to argue with that.

It’s a brisk and upbeat set that’s all too easy to boogie away to. Even though it’s the last day of the most gruelling beer fuelled festival out there, there are plenty of people moving along to Grifter’s big riffs and you’d be hard-pressed to find a more easy going and likeable band on the festival circuit. While they are easily embraced by the stoner community, there’s plenty to attract in the any breed of rock fan from metal to blues.

New single ‘Princess Leia’ crowns another triumphant set by sounding absolutely enormous and a little bit more thrashy than on the record and by the time it’s all over our only regret being that the show isn’t a bit longer.

Let’s hope we get a proper tour or at least a tasty support slot from these guys next year!