Hard Rock Hell 8 : Interview with The Texas Flood

The Texas Flood were one of the highlights of Hard Rock Hell 8. We caught up with them once the dust had settled to find out about their weekend…

Texas Flood Live at HRH 8 4So, was that the biggest weekend of your lives then ?

I should say so yes, the entire weekend was everything and more than any of our previous expectations. We really didn’t know what to expect especially as first band on the main stage, but when the lights went up – there were people, lots of people & after a millisecond of mild panic, pure excitement kicked in.

Being local-ish we expected you to bring a few friends along, but that place was packed. Did that make it more or less nerve-wracking?

Ha, I suppose it was local in terms of it still being within Wales but still a four or more hour drive outside town. The crowd was as you said sizable and certainly for a moment there was a sharp intake of breath but then the ‘Lets do this’ attitude sets in and it spurs us all on. We certainly want to keep doing shows of that level, it’s such a rush. But as for the friends we did have there I think we have to thank them for telling their friends to be there and so on – top folk indeed!

 You took the long road to HRH 8 via Highway To Hell in Glasgow, did you ever expect to make it this far?

Honestly, probably not. The level of competition was very high both before and in Glasgow. All the bands over the weekend of Highway to Hell were cracking & we were both honoured and surprised to emerge from that as winners. After the weekend we’ve just had, we are definitely glad we did!

 So a main stage slot at a major festival and a new album just out.. exciting times ?
Very exciting – everything seems to be coming together quite nicely & it would be great for a continuation along the same path. We look forward to seeing how the album does & very excited to be working with Off Yer Rocka on it.

Right, so, three young chaps, an isolated holiday camp, lots of booze.. were you all mineral water and health food or do Texas Flood live the rock’n’roll lifestyle ?

I’d say that this weekend was fairly rock’n’roll, without naming names we were certainly out done by a few people, but we gave it our best shot and attempted to drink ourselves out of house & home – still feeling fragile. There was however a fair bit of fruit consumed, good boys us, mother will be proud.

Texas Flood Live at HRH 8 12 (1)Anyone manage to embarrass themselves.. or others ?

Unfortunately nothing to report that was of major embarrassment, only drunken behaviour including the odd falling up flights of stairs and attempting to leap-frog a rock & ending up with a sore manhood.

You’re part of the Off Yer Rocka family now, and no doubt we’ll be seeing you at future HRH events. For any band getting signed is a dream come true, but what difference does having a label make in real terms in these days of pledge campaigns and suchlike ?

For us a label provides a certain amount of security that a pledge campaign cannot & a label gives us a greater access to different forms of publicity that we would struggle to exploit off of our own backs. We are really excited to be working with Off Yer Rocka and already we can see certain doors starting to open up for us.

If you’d been told a couple of years ago that today you’d be basking in the afterglow of a show stealing performance at HRH and with an acclaimed album under your belt, would you have taken that or is there more you’d like to have achieved ?

Taken it – we’d have ripped it from its foundations! When you start a band there is always an end goal in the back of your mind and probably a certain amount of naivety about how quickly you can achieve that goal, but we are so happy to be where we are today and can’t wait to see what the future holds

Texas Flood Live at HRH 8 7And what about the next 12 months ?

I think we would like to build on what we’ve achieved so far and see how far we can take it.  In terms of HRH based events it’s been announced that we are playing the Ibiza road show in May & obviously that’ll be a great laugh with some fantastic bands & friends. There’s also a fair bit of writing on the cards and we’ll hopefully be back in the studio at some point for album number 2!

Finally, these days bands are all about endorsements and suchlike. JagerMusic support a lot of bands, as do a lot of gear makers. If you could get an endorsement from anyone at all, who would be the perfect partner for Texas Flood ? Here at CackBlabbath we want either Apple or Haribo.

Haribo sounds great – gummy bears & rum is the future!
Any of the makers of the gear we use would obviously be fantastic, Marshall/Tama/Gibson/Fender, if you’re reading give us a shout – we seem to spend an awful lot of time in supermarkets so a Lidl endorsement wouldn’t go amiss!