Krokodil : Nachash

Krokodil-nachash  CBKrokodil are a band that Cackblabbath have been crossing paths with a lot over the summer and we’ve seen some pretty devastating sets from this bearded bunch at various festivals. They were high up our ‘best of’ lists at both Sonisphere and Bloodstock this year and with this debut album now firmly in our hands we can now put a few names to some of those colossal tunes they’ve been blasting out.

Krokodil are specialists in noise. Huge sludgey riffs coupled with vocals that could strip the paint of a tank. That type of noise!

There’s not much room for melody on ‘Nachash’ but what Krokodil lack in subtlety they more than make up for in big rollicking grooves. This may be bare-boned brutality but there are plenty of hooks in the dirge to get you head banging.

Daniel P Carter provides the ace artwork with his style becoming instantly recognisable these days. He recently created the cover for Hang The Bastard too and these two bands together are making some of the most exciting sounds in the UK metal market at the moment.

Imagine if they toured together! Hang The Bastard and Krokodil playing together would surely need some sort of health warning?

Anyway, ‘Nachash’ is pretty relentless on your ear drums as it is. Combining the snarl and hefty sludge of bands like EyeHateGod and the outright brutality of Jasta and co. this is a piece of work that will leave you shell-shocked. There is room for a bit of catchiness too. The bounce on ‘Reptilia Familiar’ is almost and ear-worm and the twiddly guitars on ‘Porcelain Bones’ prove that there is more to this band than simple all-out aggression. There’s the obligatory instrumental number when you get to ‘Ragnarock’ too.

But it is mainly all-out aggression… ‘Sleep well, Medusa’ packs the punch of Godzilla.

This is a monstrous album from a band that have already made a lasting impression on us at CB and plenty more on the live circuit. Krokodil are part of an exciting bunch of UK bands right now and with ‘Nachash’ they’ve really set the standard high for the rest to aim at.