Carcass : Surgical Remission / Surplus Steel

Surplus SteelRounding off what has been the mother of all comebacks for death metal royalty, Carcass. ‘Surgical Remission / Surplus Steel’ rounds up some bonus tracks that were available on various formats and brings them together in a nice little 10” vinyl. We’ve got a silver one!

It’s no secret that we were massive fans of ‘Surgical Steel’ here at CackBlabbath and since its release we must be bordering on double figures for the amount of times we’ve seen them live.

And we’re still not bored…

So on here we’ve got five tracks, and they are pretty much from the same vein as the album really, although in places we get a bit more groove orientated or even a ‘Swansong’ style death’n’roll sound. There’s plenty of Jeff’s snarl and those big chugging death riffs that are sharp enough to decapitate a horse, though.

One thing you can pick out is that a couple of the tracks are a bit slower than the main cuts from the album. ‘Livestock Marketplace’ is a typical Carcass track name and covers pretty typical Carcass territory lyrically with a gory look at the “Slaughter house blues…” The band got a bit of stick for ‘Unfit For Human Consumption’ sounding like Megadeth, and this one funnily enough verges on the MegaDave sound too… but we’re not complaining….

We like Megadeth too!

There’s no doubt that these tracks are ‘Bonus Tracks’ and probably just for the collectors and completists however. If you’re just starting out with Carcass then you need to go and get this release’s big brother ‘Surgical Steel first (and then you’ve got at least 3 cast iron classics from the back catalogue to go through too!)

The E.P. predictably bows out with a reprise of the ‘1985’ music that started this wonderful ‘Surgical Steel’ chapter of the band’s history off, and we’re left with our fingers crossed that this isn’t the last we’ll see of the band for another decade!