CB Spotlight : Stoneghost


There seems to be quite a buzz brewing around Stoneghost at the moment. A new year holds new hopes for great music and while we’ve all got our own lists of hotly anticipated albums at the ready, we think that this year is going to be a good one for Stoneghost. Over to Jason to introduce the band…


Band Name :


Home Town :

Bromley/South East London

Year Formed :


Current Lineup :

Andrew Matthews – guitar, Jamie Nash – Bass, Cris Finniss  – Drums and Jason James Smith – Vocals

Brief History :

After nearly 12 years of mad and interweaved members, from different bands/ friend groups and different monikers , STONEGHOST came about as a last, well thought out attempt at making something of our music. With a well settled and jelled group of permanent members. A kind of, forget what we think we should sound like and put everything we have on the table to see what people think. Then mascot caught wind and the rest is the future crawling in!

Career Highlight :

There’s been as few, but so far, as stoneghost, recording NAOOW and signing to mascot!

Future Plans :

Forget earth, it’s to overcrowded, were aiming at the rest of the universe. It’s in our contract, territory-the universe. so that’s the plan, triple platinum selling albums on Jupiter would be a good start.

Describe your music in 1 word :


What is the most common misconception about the band?

That Jamie’s Turkish, Cris is French, I’m Chinese and Andrew has a soul haha.

Tell us something interesting / amusing / stupid about the band :

We have team face, Jason and Andrew and team rhythm, Jamie and Chris. Always trying to out do each other, but team face always look better in photos.

Who would be your ideal tour-mates ?:

For me, Jason, I’d love to tour to Mastodon, they seem, and I may be wrong, like the music industry hasn’t got to their heads to much. Or maybe it has and I’m just as infected already…but anyways, bands like that, no bullshit, just music and good show!

And what would be on the rider ?:

Lots of Mexican food and tea. 

Links :


Instagram: @stoneghostrocks ,