In Pictures : StOp, sToP Live at HRH United

Stop Stop (7)

What a sight to behold StOp sToP are! The biggest hair of the festival has to go to Danny Stix behind the drums, it is huge. Not to be outshone, frontman and bass slinger Jacob has all the feather boas in the place and with his grinning painted face he makes poor old Vega to his right look a bit under dressed. Not that he is of course. They pull out one of the performances of the night with their lively show being just what everyone wants at this time of night to perk us up a bit. A bit of goose-stepping metal is always a key ingredient to a good night.

Their self -titled ‘Stop Stop’ is a fine protest song towards the end of the set and they manage to draw it out for longer than some bands whole sets too.