The Poodles Live at HRH United

The Poodles Live at HRH United 3We were warned, upon pain of unspecified consequences, not to miss The Poodles at HRH AOR. As it was a previous engagement (Angel Witch on the Hammerfest stage) meant that we missed the first part of the set, and it took us all of about 5 seconds to regret that.

The Poodles Live at HRH United 1Arriving in an empty photo pit for a band as cool looking as The Poodles is every photographers dream, even if lead singer greets you with a cheery welcome before announcing to 3,000 people “Hey everyone, Gandalf’s here !!”.

The Poodles were everything we’d been told they would be and more. The place was absolutely bouncing and they were the best band on the AOR stage all weekend by some distance (well for 2/3rds of TeamCB anyway). The Poodles were one of the first in what has become a constant stream of talent from Sweden, and it was great to see the Bonafide guys watching from the ramp at the side of the crowd, maybe picking up a few tips.

The Poodles’ appearances over here are rare, but we really have no idea why they don’t pop across more often. Frontman Jakob Samuel promised us a full tour, and we bloody well hope he sticks to that as The Poodles are the best live band we’ve seen in ages.

Band of the weekend… oh yes !!!!