Orange Goblin Live at Hard Rock Hell United

It’s Saturday night, the festival is getting dangerously close to its end and the only way to soothe the aching bones and livers is to drink a bit more. What better band to provide a soundtrack to all that than Orange Goblin?

Orange Goblin Live at HRH United 13Quite possibly the heaviest party band on the planet; Orange Goblin are CackBlabbath favourites and by the turnout tonight it seems that they are favourites with a lot of other folk too. The Goblin boys are finally making it to that ‘big band’ status that they’ve long deserved. Not that you’d think that from watching them stroll around site mixing with the star-struck punters all day.

This is not a warm-up for someone else; this is the show to catch tonight as far as the Hammerfest crowd are concerned. It’s loud too… Orange Goblin are officially the loudest band of the weekend. Martyn’s bass is in danger of flattening Bonga Wonga tonight, it certainly loosens your earwax anyway. Joe is less fortunate as he is virtually inaudible for the first few minutes of the set.

Orange Goblin Live at HRH United 6Things soon get on track. It’s a harsh sound down on the Hammerfest stage, but that suits Orange Goblin more than most who seem to mix up being gritty and heavy with a boozy old good time perfectly.

It’s a crowd pleasing set. ‘Sabbath Hex’ is a new highlight but there is plenty of old stuff too, making it a bit of a greatest hits set. The awesome ‘Red Tide Rising’ and ‘The Fog’ just serve as a little reminder as to just how good their recent material is however. This is a band still on an upward trajectory, and long may it continue.

Orange Goblin: Making festivals better since 1995.