Holy Serpent : Holy Serpent

Holy SerpentAustralian ‘shroom-doomsters Holy Serpent are another band on the never-ending conveyor of kick-ass doom and stoner bands coming our way on this label. This self-titled long player throws you headfirst into an Iommi riff and from there the juggernaut of doom sets off seeped in vintage fuzz and puffing out riffs thicker than the fog on the Great Ocean Road.

Aussies are not renowned for their doom (at least, not that we know of here at CackBlabbath) but these guys have swapped their board shorts for flared jeans and old crusty denim.

Okay, enough stereotyping for today… The Riding Easy label should tell you all you need to know. Another quality doom band you’ve never heard of picked out for our listening pleasure; they have a faultless record in their short reign as kings of the underground.

It’s easy to compare most doom to Sabbath, and it may be a bit lazy but this is no different. Holy Serpent have a few more strings to their collective bows however. While the Iommi air raid sirens sound at regular intervals these down-tuned dudes take the stoner psych sessions to another level.

Massive sprawling jams that ooze bong smoke and lava lamps. That is certainly what Holy Serpent do best too; we’re not here for short sharp pop tunes. There isn’t too much in the way of originality on display here but that’s not unusual in this genre; that doesn’t mean it’s not a fine record. What does count is the feeling, vibe etc… and ‘Holy Serpent’ has a wicked fuzzy atmosphere, a gentle momentum that will transport you gently off to another plane without you realising and enough pounding low end to keep your head nodding throughout proceedings. There’s a strange hypnotic feel to this record that is a true mark of a good’un!

Add in some quality artwork to accompany the nice spread of vinyl choices from Riding Easy Records and everything is pretty attractive indeed. Quality doom from down-under… who’d have thought?!