Lordi : Scare Force One

Lordi_-_Scare_Force_One_coverIt’s a very poorly kept secret here at CackBlabbath that I have a soft spot for everyone’s favourite Monsters, Finnish horror-metallers Lordi. OK, so to many the band are best known for THAT Eurovision victory but there has always been much more to Mr. Lordi & Co’s output that commercial mass-consumption.

Scare Force One (Yep, they do like a good play on words) is the band’s 7th album, and it adds to a consistent body of work that takes some beating. You see, Lordi are dismissed by the metal purists because of the image, or the Eurovision thing or the whole 0ver-the-top theatricality of the whole thing.

But then, you know what we think of metal purists šŸ˜‰

If you cut to the chase, Lordi provide memorable hooks, amazingly over-the-top guitar solos and songs you hear once then find yourself singing for yonks afterwords…

So yeah, I was looking forward to this.

Lordi Live at Manchester Club Academy  3Scare Force One opens, as is traditional, with a spoken word intro in which a pilot informs his passengers that they are about to have a monster encounter before we’re off and running with the title track. You remember the memorable hooks, OTT guitar and songs that get inside your head and stay there i mentioned, well Scare Force One shows early on that all those qualities are present and correct.

It’s a big opening, but things get bigger with the anthemic How To Slice A Whore, a track you’re unlikely to hear on Eurovision any time soon. Lordi are treading their familiar path, musically and thematically, and that’s just fine by me. Take titles like Monster is my Name, Nailed By The Hammer Of Frankenstein, She’s A Demon and use your imagination, you’ll get the general idea. Lordi have never done subtle, and thank god they haven’t started here. It’s loud, brash, cheesy and in your face, which is just exactly what was wanted.

There are also a couple of instrumentals that break up the onslaught, with Amen’s Lament to Ra II showcasing the six-string shenanigans of the best Ancient Egyptian guitarist alive, or rather dead. As much as Mr. Lordi’s vocals it’s Amen’s guitar playing that makes the Lordi sound what it is. Straight out of an 80s school where guitarists weren’t afraid to show off shamelessly, Amen unleashes a seemingly never ending barrage of riffs and solos throughout Scare Force One.

There may be nothing new to see here, but what else would you expect. Lordi hit on a winning mix of heavy metal, costumed theatrics and shock-horror 7 albums ago and long may it continue. It may be unfashionable and it may lose me cool points but Scare Force One is the best thing I’ve heard this year.

No, I don’t expect you to agree šŸ™‚