Therapy? Live in Cardiff

Therapy? Live at Sonisphere 2014 12The Globe, hidden away in Cardiff’s Roath area, has fast become the best venue in the City. While Cardiff is unfairly starved of the more medium sized, O2-type, venues; The Globe has carved out a great niche in providing a venue, with plenty of character, that so far has yet to fail to provide a memorable night for me.

I arrived to catch the end of support band, Thirty Six Strategies, set and was impressed by their melodic take on indie/punk. They certainly left me searching the internet for more afterwards and I doubt I was alone, judging by the strong reaction they received.

If the crowd hadn’t reached capacity level during the support set, by the time Therapy? arrive on stage the place was near to overflowing. An urgent ‘Still Hurts’ launched us into proceedings, before a ‘Troublegum’ triple-whammy of ‘Isolation’, ‘Die Laughing’ and ‘Turn’ gave the crowd the chance to shake off any of the Monday blues that remained. Therapy? are clearly a band who enjoy every minute of being on stage and with such a strong new album under their belt in ‘Disquiet’, they have the justified confidence to fill the set with 8 new songs.

Particular highlights of the newer tunes were the guttural scream requested from the crowd by Andy Cairns during ‘Words Fail Me’, ‘Torment Sorrow Misery Strife’ which is simply one of the strongest songs they’ve written in the past 20 years and a hypnotic performance of ‘Deathstimate’ which was simply stunning. Luckily the Cardiff crowd Therapy? Live at Sonisphere 2014 10? have done their homework and each of the new songs are greeted with the enthusiasm of a well loved classic.

Talking of classics, ‘Nausea’ and ‘A Moment of Clarity’ get some of the rarer airings, along with a version of ‘Teethgrinder’ that sounded like it could have been ripped from a ‘Nurse’-era show. How anyone can hear that riff and not be compelled to pogo like a lunatic is beyond me…! ‘Knives’ and ‘Potato Junkie’ almost broke some of the older participants in the front few rows, but with great songs performed this well, any injuries are but a minor distraction.

Therapy? are currently a band on fire. On record with ‘Disquiet’ and with shows like this, they are showing some of the new up-starts how to do things correctly. None of the people in attendance at The Globe tonight leave with anything but a massive smile on their sweaty faces; something that left us in exactly the same state as the band themselves. An excellent show enjoyed by crowd and band alike always makes for a special moment and this definitely was a special gig! Bravo chaps!