Defy All Reason : The Road Ahead

Defy CBAfter putting in some hard work on the road and supporting everyone who drives past the England/Wales border; Defy All Reason have bagged themselves an album via the Pledge Music route. That’s not easy considering this is their debut album, you have to make a lot of friends to pay for an album before you’ve even recorded it. Whilst established acts usually breeze through the process; debut albums through crowdfunding are a whole different ball game.

Defy All Reason are certainly worth the hype. No gimmicks or over the top theatrics here. Defy All Reason are here to rock your socks off and you’ll be barefoot by the second track.

Wrapping up all their influences neatly and then giving them the Wrexham treatment, Defy All Reason are spearheading a new generation of guitar bands. They’re only a young bunch but they’re playing music steeped in tradition.

‘Midnight Train’ has a Creed meets Slash feeling to it. ‘Bad Blood’ carries some Bon Jovi flare and Thunder would be proud of the first ballad of proceedings; ‘Behind Those Eyes’ is a gravelly number that ends in a fantastic pile of guitars.

Big riffs and guitar solos are what Defy All Reason nail on ‘The Road Ahead’ superbly. It’s no surprise to see live favourite ‘Dead or Alive’ on here. A gritty take on BJ’s classic with a superb version of Sambora’s legendary solo to boot!

When we first heard Defy All Reason at Hammerfest a year or so ago, a few people were mumbling that the band weren’t quite heavy enough for the company they were sharing. Well, those folk will definitely have to wrap they’re ears around the likes of ‘Bad Taste Of You’ and they’ll discover that there’s an added crunch to what Defy All Reason do these days. They’re a proper HARD Rock band with riffs that will loosen your earwax.

CackBlabbath are just about to head out to the Hard Rock Hell Road Trip in Ibiza and Defy All Reason are most certainly one of our ‘Ones to watch’

This debut album deserves to be heard as much as any hard rock album riding high in the charts at the moment, so go out and get it!