Exile the Traitor : Winter Eternal

Exile The Traitor Winter Eternal CackBlabbathI’m sure I have said this before on numerous occasions, but now more so than ever, I can say this with complete conviction… Exile the Traitor are possibly THE most exciting act on the Scottish metal scene right now. People started to first take notice of this Melodic Death Metal outfit back in 2012 when they won the Glasgow heat of Metal to the Masses and played on the New Blood stage at Bloodstock. There they shocked everyone with their level of talent and intelligent writing, despite being such a new band and so the beginnings of a small but dedicated fan base started to form. Over the last few years the Exile boys have seen slight line-up changes, the most recent of which being the addition of second vocalist Wull Hay and they have found themselves a real following in their hometown of Glasgow as well as beginning to spread their wings further afield across the UK. With the release of their latest EP; Winter Eternal, the band are now making a real statement that they are more than ready for the wider metal community to stand up and take notice, because they mean business!

Winter Eternal is due for self-release on the 15th of May and is the perfect follow up to the 2012 Necrology. It’s one of those records which is so brilliantly written that each member of the band gets their moment to shine, without it ever being over the top. Part of what makes this band so special is the modern groove and unique stylings they bring to each track. There is no denying that there are definite nods to bands such as At The Gates and Black Dahlia Murder in the writing, but more so than ever the guys are bringing their own twist to the music.

We here at cackblabbath.online were desperate to hear this EP as we are yet to catch the Exile boys live since they pulled in a second vocalist. From the first track Laments of a Flesh Peddler, we knew we were not going to be disappointed. This is possibly my favourite of the four track release due to its brutally catchy nature and the way the low vocal growls of Anton Franzen duel so perfectly with the higher pitched screams from Wull. Within the first couple of seconds I found my feat desperately trying to keep up with the acutely executed blast beats from Kerr Grey on drums and hours later still had the catchy riffs rolling through my head. A very strong start.

The bar has been set and standards stay high as we move into Puppetry of the Interred. This track is completely unforgiving as it kicks straight into the frenzied madness which will have you moving from the offset. The chorus is a real head banger and features some incredible guitar work from both Kenny Middleton and Ian McGuinness throughout before leaving you with a lengthy, drawn out chord at the end for you to contemplate the brutal attack you have just faced!

Next we have Midnight Cavalcade where Anton is straight in, no apologies with his unmistakable death metal growls. More strong guitar riffs are evident here and are complimented effectively by the ridiculously talented Will Keogh on Bass as he effortlessly keeps up with the chaotic pacing of the track. This is probably the darkest offering on the EP and has less of a run around in circles feel to it, which gives the EP a more diverse feeling to the overall sound.

Finishing us off is the title track, Winter Eternal. It is this final offering which is what sets Exile the Traitor apart from so many others on the underground scene. The writing in Winter Eternal is so complex but yet so tightly executed and whether you are listening to the CD or seeing the boys live, this does not change. The energy and professionalism from the guys is unparalleled from a lot of young talent out there and that is what makes this band so exceptional. For this reason, team CackBlabbath would highly recommend anyone yet to give these boys a listen, removes their head from their ass immediately and picks up a copy of the Winter Eternal EPor do one better and buy a ticket to Wild Fire Festival at the same time where you can catch Exile the Traitor along with dozens of other bands across the three day event.