Space Probe Taurus : Mondo Satan

space probe taurus cackblabbathLet’s get it straight out of the way then… Space Probe Taurus sound a lot like Monster Magnet. From the rollicking Caivano/Mundell style riffs, Dave’s more upbeat barking and the general space rock vibes.  It’s pretty much all there!

Now, anyone who pays attention to what Cackblabbath like will know that won’t be a problem with us…

Space Probe Taurus are not simply regurgitating some old Monster Magnet tunes however. In fact they’ve been doing it nearly as long as Wyndorf and co. but it would be a bit of an elephant in the room if the similarity wasn’t pointed out…

Anyway, Space ‘Lord’ Taurus have their latest feast of psych out on Ripple Music (which again ticks the CackBlabbath ‘Like’ box) and it’s bloody great. ‘Mondo Satan’ is a gritty garage record with some fuzzy and psychedelic overtones which all adds up to one hell of a rocking album.

‘Scorpio Queen’ starts things off in frantic fashion with an explosion of guitars, clattering drums and Sjöberg is in no mood to hang around either with the eager vocals. When it comes to guitar solo time; that sets off at 100mph too.

Hold onto your hats, these guys are up and running!

‘Kill City Death Cult’ is another punchy number that clocks in under three minutes and then you are hurled straight into ‘Spahn Ranch Motherfucker’ complete with plenty of squealing guitar work and stinking attitude.

This is an album to get a speeding ticket with if ever there was one!

‘Superfuzzed’ defies any urge to slot in a ballad and carries a catchy chorus that will get stuck in your head for the rest of the week and before you know it the whole album will have raced past in a blur.

‘Mondo Satan’ is relentless in its attack. This is Monster Magnet but on different drugs. Space Probe Taurus have swapped the downers for uppers and come out with a mighty fine wedge of classic sounding acid burnt rock.