Tremonti : Cauterize

Tremonti_-_cauterize CackBlabbathTremonti’s second solo album rips into action from the first bars. ‘Cauterize’ is another chance for Tremonti to display his love for slightly heavier tastes in our beloved riff-fuelled world. Mixing up huge catchy hooks with screeching guitar solos and speedy riffs that will make the thrash masters weep; this is a corker of an album.

Most big guitar slingers usually retreat to the studio to chill and pour their heart out into a slower record than that typical of their day job. Not Tremonti; he comes out all guns blazing. No sign of an acoustic record or going country here.

You could argue that he’s not in the heaviest of bands in the first instance, but then Alter Bridge certainly still pack a punch and even Creed had some headbangers. So the fact that Tremonti goes berserk for heavier riffs in his own time is only credit to the man as far as CackBlabbath are concerned.

If he tried out some cookie monster vocals this would be a full-blown metal album!

Opener ‘Radical Change’ is brutal. It’s a speedy and clattering number overwritten with an epic sounding and typically melodic vocal. The title track also mixes these two qualities up expertly. ‘Arm Yourself’ ups the heaviness even more with a great rollicking riff that will pulsate through your chest cavity in the live arena.

It won’t be long until we get to test that theory either. Sunday afternoon on the Download main stage will be a chance to give these songs a real road test. Download is playing host to a few festival specialists as ever this year. With the likes of Slash, Blackstone Cherry and Thunder playing over the weekend we won’t be short of hard rock excellence on the big stage but Tremonti is gunning for that sort of reputation too. Widely classed as this generations Guitar God; he’ll be running a good fight with those Donington staples this weekend.

‘Cauterize’ contains perfect festival music. BIG rock tunes aplenty here!

You can’t have a guy like Tremonti releasing an album without some face melting solo’s. Try not to pull a sex face when the ‘Dark Trip’ one gets going.

‘Cauterize’ is an instant pleasure with massive songs built for the big stage.