Hey!Hello! Live at Download Festival

HeyHello 5

The day started at the Jake Stage watching Hollis with her Love Zombies crew and the Jake Stage would be where we finished it too. Again, with Hollis and her Hey!Hello! crew.

Whilst Saturday’s main stage headliners, Muse, were enthralling the masses with their epic light show and fireworks a tent full of folk were getting a mini headline set of their own. We had glitter and pyro too, with some (almost) in-time explosions emphasising the impact of Hey!Hello!’s sonic racket. And smoke, in fact we may have had more smoke than Muse…

This was CackBlabbath’s first chance to see the new look Hey!Hello! Blonde bombshell Victoria has been replaced by the aforementioned Hollis; another blonde bombshell.

It’s not a straight swap though. Hollis it seems has taken Hey!Hello! by the scruff of the neck and given the band some real attitude. Never short of instant hooky tunes; Hey!Hello! have always been a firm favourites here at CB, but before this weekend it all just seemed like another one of Ginger Wildheart’s side projects; something to keep him busy and support his main bands.

It seems incredible to say it, especially when we are the Wildhearts nuts that we are, but in the new look Hey!Hello! Ginger really has to take a back seat. It’s a role he looks comfortable in too; happy to let Hollis run the show with her warm but in your face manner. Not to mention the bundles of energy that are the Rev and Toshi bounding around the stage.

The setlist picks itself, we’re only one album in on the Hey!Hello! journey so we expect to hear ‘Black Valentine’ ‘Swimwear’ ‘Lock For Rock’ and ‘Punk Wars’ and that’s what we get. However, we are treated to a new song and confirmation that album number two is in the pipework. ‘Don’t Stop Loving The Music’ is a typically catchy pop rocker and a rather good motto for the night too!

Hey!Hello! look like the finished article now and are a band that has real potential to go places. That upcoming ‘PHUQ’ tour can’t come fast enough!