In Pictures : Love Zombies at Download Festival

Love Zombies

Saturday at Download started up at the Jake stage to catch Love Zombies. We’d never seen them live before but heard good reports from people with a fine taste in music. Plus the little tent is right next to the entrance, and the bar…

Love Zombies mash up a lot of punk and pop and come out with a crazy and energetic mix. Front-lady Hollis “Likes to touch people” and we see that in action as  she’s out greeting the front row in attendance before the gig even starts. On stage she’s everywhere too, darting around between her bandmates and alternates the keytar with a can of lager like a pro! The whole band are a bundle of energy and they are one hell of a way to blow away the cobwebs early in the morning!

A powerful voice backed by some real punk stomp and a whole lotta attitude. What’s not to love?