Wildfire Festival, The CB / RACPA UK Stage

With only days to go until the madness begins, Here at CackBlabbath final preparations are being made for the festival formerly known as Les-Fest the newly branded Wildfire Festival. While some of us (mainly that older guy) are still recovering from Hellfest, the rest of TeamCB are looking forward to our very own Cackblabbath / RACPA UK stage.

Dakesis Live at the Pit and Pendulum by CackBlabbathRunning over two days of the festival, the CB stage plays host to a load of brilliant bands, with the proverbial “something for everyone”. On the Saturday one highlight is sure to be Carlisle’s finest thrashers, DIE NO MORE. Huge fans of N.W.B.H.M, they promise to deliver some heavy metal thunder, and will no doubt have the crowd going crazy. Buckle up, this will be a wild ride!

Follow that up with local(ish) newcomers MASON HILL and we have all the ingredients in place for an unforgettable afternoon. It’s a double whammy that will ensure the mood is set for the rest of the day. Mason Hill, with their powerful melodic hard and heavy rock sound, became instant favourites when we caught them live on a random night out in Glasgow’s Ivory Blacks… we recall a certain superb cover of “In the air tonight” and BOOM….  we were sold.

Finishing up for us on the Saturday, and to bring the party to a fitting climax, hard-rockers I.C.O.N are sure to keep things moving and set the scene for the delights that await the Wildfire faithful over on the main stage.

Completing Saturday’s CB / RACPA UK line-up, we have BIG FOOT, PTEROGLYPH, THE RISING SOULS and SCARLETTS.

Sunday morning, and it’s a given sales in Red-bull and ibuprofen will rocket, the Cackblabbath stage will be a much needed tonic as SOUL REMOVER ease us gently into the day. The band themselves promise that “The hangovers will be blown clean aff everyone’s faces on Sunday morning“…

If previous years are anything to go by, that’s some task.

The top-three on the CB / RACPA stage is an array of talent we are delighted to have assembled. We can’t wait to get reacquainted with the ridiculously good thrash metal demons DISPOSABLE. If there was an award for coolest and most awesome hair, then you’d be sure they would top the bill. Disgustingly talented, depressingly young young and unbelievably full of energy… we can’t wait to let them loose on stage like crazed animals.

And just when you thought things couldn’t get better…. It’s DOG TIRED time. These lads never fail to impress and in days when fashion and fad is often more important than music they deliver good old fashioned “heavy fuckin metal” with no frills and no bullshit, Edinburgh style. Thunderous riffs, a beast of a set each and every time.

When we were asked to put on the CBP / RACPA UK stage, there was one name who went immediately to our list of bands. CackBlabbath regulars DAKESIS will bring things to a grandiose prog=power metal finale with their distinctive modern melodic sound, and watch out for guitarist Mat, one of the best guitarists you’ll see all weekend. These guys/gals continue to go from strength to strength and have a solid fan base. You’ll recognise them around the site, just keep an eye out for  Aimee and Gemma’s luscious locks 😉

Also appearing on our stage on Sunday will be THIRTEEN STARS, THE PARALLAX METHOD, RANK BERRY and CORRUPT THE SYTEM

Can’t wait to see you all there. And remember, if you see the CB or RACPA team, come and say hello.. We’ll not be hard to find in our new summer festival inspired hippie trippie tie-dye gear.

See ya down the front! \m/

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