God Damn Live at Download Festival 2015

IMG_5026 (2)

We have a soft spot for noisy duos here at CackBlabbath and God Damn are one of our favourites at the moment. Thom and Ash are, of course, delighted to be playing the festival and Download is so prestigious that even Thom’s mum knew it was a good one to be appearing at.

Thom does his own version of the ‘Angus’ duck walk between his brace of microphones, he almost has the shorts for it too, and can’t resist a quick trip down to the front row half way through the set. Ash may be restricted to the drums but he’s as animated as drummers come too, grinning and gurning as he beats his drums within an inch of their lives.

Scuzzy guitars, clattering drums and a whole load of noise; God Damn tick all the boxes in our simple tastes!