Bloodbath Live at Hellfest

Bloodbath_CackBlabbath_IainHawkins 3

He used to be such a well turned out chap, that Nick Holmes, but for Bloodbath’s date with destiny at Hellfest Open Air he’d adopted a far more hellish persona for his role with the Death Metal supergroup.

Bloodbath_CackBlabbath_IainHawkins 12The addition of Mr. Holmes to the Bloodbath charnel house has taken things to a whole new level, and as they were never a band to stick to the same formula every time their evolution to suit the new frontman’s musical persona seems exactly that, an evolution that has seen the band taken to new heights.

Still weird Old Nick covered in blood though…

In their all-too-short set in Clisson Bloodbath were an undisputed highlight of the whole weekend, and given the company they were in that’s not an accolade given lightly. Whatever may have been said about the stylistic evolution of the band, no one who saw their set here was in any doubt that in Nick Holmes Bloodbath have found their high priest of low fidelity and as they threatened to melt faces from the off.

Well, as face melters go Let The Stillborn Come To Me and Mental Abortion take some beating !!

This was a set full of power and rage which left the place reeling, talk about intense. Nick Holmes may be a different sort of frontman to Mikael Åkerfeldt but he’s made Bloodbath’s back catalogue very much his own

There was just time for an encore, and after a suitably Nick Holmes intro.. “I believe we have time for one more song, If we don’t play this it’s like Toto not playing Africa.. which they did the other night” things were ratcheted up a notch with the awesome Eaten

Bloodbath_CackBlabbath_IainHawkins 8

One of the best, and most ear-splittingly-loud, receptions of the weekend was Bloodbath’s reward from the Clisson faithful and after they brought down the curtain on one an unforgettable performance we knew we’d seen something truly special that was going to be difficult to top..

Put simply Bloodbath blew us away, this is exactly what a live Death Metal show should be.