Dragonforce featuring Babymetal Live at Download Festival 2015

Dragonforce and Babymetal (2)

Friday afternoon and we have Dragonforce to photo… and it seems everyone else wants to snap them too. We didn’t realise they were so popular these days!

Pummelling power metal that you just can’t help but clench a raised fist to. Razor sharp riffs and still the fastest solos out there; Dragonforce are a pleasure to witness in full flow. It seems that not everyone is here just to witness Totman and Li duelling guitar licks however… There’s whisper that they have some special guests coming on to join them:

Whatever you’re politics regarding Babymetal, you can’t deny that at least in a short dose like today, they are entertaining. They come on to superstar level screams, do their dancing metal karaoke thing and depart like heroes. Dragonforce then hit us with the ‘Through The Fire And The Flames’ treatment to make sure everyone sticks around to see them finish instead of watching the Metal Gods on the Main Stage.

Special guests or no special guests, it seems that Dragonforce are on the way up again after some time in the shadows. Marc Hudson is well and truly cemented as the frontman of this band and the band itself are a little less goofy than they used to be. Although, they’re still glorious fun!