The Butcher Babies Live at Hellfest

ButcherBabies_CackBlabbath_IainHawkins 10It’s Saturday, it’s just after lunch time and it’s hot.. very hot..

And it’s about to get a whole lot hotter as the Butcher Babies grab Hellfest by the bollocks and shake things up.

It’s a long way from the City Of Angels to the south of France, but the Mainstage 1 arena is packed with fans eager to catch the ‘Babies set, and no doubt to see if they are wearing more than electrical tape. The Butcher Babies may be best known for the, erm, visual appeal of frontpeople Heidi Shepherd and Carla Harvey but they have a whole lot more to offer the Clisson faithful as they ratchet up the main stage intensity by several notches.

At music festivals there is often a gulf between the bands and the fans, but Heidi and Carla soon had waves of crowd surfers coming over the barriers to “low five” them as they leaned over the front of the main stage ramp. If the pit crew were expecting an easy shift then they were in for a shock as the ladies spent a good chunk of the set trying to get the crowd to come to them while guitarist Henry Flury strutted up and down the ramp laying down riff after riff like a bona-fide guitar hero.

Although it’s easy to focus on the obvious attractions, that’s doing a great dis-service to the rest of the band who lay down the coursing, pounding foundation on which the girls do their stuff. Brutal and crushing one moment, soaring and melodic the next the Butcher Babies are a stadium rock band in the purest sense of the phrase.. Big tunes, big riffs, big personalities and a big crowd pleasing show. There’s something quite intimidating about the twin vocal attack, if you think that the Butcher Babies are just another gimmic band then YOU go and say that to Heidi and Carla… I’ll hold your coat.

Time to ‘fess up. Before Hellfest I had kind of dismissed the band as a gimmic, but having seen their performance I’ve got a whole new opinion. The Butcher Babies are much more than just a pretty face, they’ve got real rock’n’roll bollocks and, both sonically and visually, they put on a stunning show in the Clisson sunshine that left the crowd beaten, battered and baying for more.

And this was a festival, I bet they’re off-the-scale in a wee club !!