Bloodstock 2015 Preview : Interview with Martyr de Mona

Once again Bloodstock Open Air is a hotbed of new talent. The New Blood stage is always one of TeamCB’s favourites and this year will be no exception. We had a quick chat with Martyr de Mona, another great midlands band who’ll be bringing the noise to BOA 2015.


We last caught up with you guys at Les-Fest last year, 12 months older and wiser (maybe) you happy with how things are going ? 

Yeh, Les-Fest was great! We’re very happy at the moment, we re-released our album Impera on our own label, got new management and are gaining some momentum now after Josh joined us on guitar.

The Midlands has always been a hotbed of great bands, why do you think there’s such an affinity for rock music there ?

It’s the birthplace so there’s always a respect for the area. The scene is growing all the time and all the bands support each other rather than be in competition.

It’s a scene that’s buzzing, who’s the next name to keep an eye out for on the midlands rock’n’roll conveyor belt ?

Check out Glassbullet ( who are amazing musicians, definitely ones to watch out for and will be playing a few shows with us later this year. Also, Stone Broken ( and The Black Hounds ( are really making a name for themselves.

It’s often said that music is dying out, Piracy, CD sales declining, venues shutting down. Do you see it that way ?

Only in terms of the way it used to be, so yeh the old way of doing things is dying out. Whether that’s a good or bad thing only time will tell. A new band has many avenues that they can take advantage of with the right work ethic. If you’re good enough you will do well.

And now there’s the small matter of Bloodstock, even for a band with some big gigs under their belts that must be a bit terrifying ?

We’re buzzing for this show. We’ve done some big shows locally but this is something new to us, a big renowned festival have taken a chance on us and we just want to deliver when we get on stage and win over the audience.

At BOA there will be three alternatives to you guys for the punters to pick on the other stages, why should they come see Martyr De Mona ?

We’ll be putting everything into this performance. When people say did you catch the MDM show at Bloodstock in 2015, you’re going to want to say yes, I was there!

Last year a band gave away free beer, just saying.

We’ll have some CD’s available for free after the show!

You going to be there all weekend, or jetting in before your set then leaving straight afterwards ?

We’re there all weekend and looking forward to every minute

It’s another amazing bill this year, which of the big names will you be staying sober enough to check out ?

We’ll be at the front for Black Label Society and Rob Zombie. We’re also looking forward to seeing a few bands that we’ve played with; Fire Red Empress, Reign of Fury, XVII and Morass of Molasses to name a few.

Sabaton are bringing their tank to BOA this year, Amon Amarth brought a longship last year. What would be your wow-factor fantasy stage set ?

If we could replicate our album cover with a real Newtons Cradle made from Planets, that would be great. Maybe we can bring the ‘Spinal Tap’ version!