Sepultura Live at Bloodstock Open Air 2015

Sepultura BOA 05

We’ve had a bit of an on/off relationship with Sepultura over the past few years, on their day they’re still a force to be reckoned with, but we can’t deny there have been a few sub-par shows along the way too. Still, the 30th anniversary show at Bloodstock was something not to be missed..

Sepultura BOA 07So we didn’t.

The shadow of some bloke who left the band the best part of two decades ago still falls on the band, with a whole new generation of fans who weren’t born when the Cavalera’s sent shockwaves through the musical landscape still yearning for his return. Maybe one day the formidable Derrick Green will get the credit he deserves, as Sepultura continue to move forward and grow just like they always have.

The band last graced the stage at Bloodstock in 2012, where the circle pits were off the scale and half way into 2015’s set opener Troops Of Doom there was every sign that they were going to top even that unforgettable performance.. and by half way through Propaganda they have.

Andreas is in full whirling guitar god mode while Derrick prowls the stage with a dark, ferocious intensity.

He’s an imposing chap !!

Sepultura BOA 08The setlist is the predictable mix of old and new, but as usual the biggest response is reserved for the classics, with Refuse/Resist and, of course, Roots Bloody Roots threatening to kick a hole in the sky.

At Bloodstock they are well and truly back to their brutal best, and 30 years on the Sepultura bandwagon shows no sign of slowing down, if anything it’s gathering pace as the band get set to rip into their next decade.

Long live Sepultura !!

It’s great when your legends deliver, and these legends certainly delivered at Bloodstock with one of the main stage performances of the day.