Something a bit different : Midstock 2015 Preview

FishSometimes it’s the smaller festivals that grab your attention. When we were looking through Fish’s Farewell To Childhood tour dates (30th anniversary of Misplaced Childhood, surely not), one which grabbed our attention was the great man’s appearance at Midstock Festival held at Dalkeith near Edinburgh.

Of course one name does not a festival make, but the powers that be behind the festival have put on a lineup that has the literal, as opposed to the proverbial, something for everyone. GIven our usual penchant for life at the rockier end of the musical spectrum this is going to be a new experience, but it’s one we’re looking forward to immensely.

Prog, Indie, Rock, Metal, Pop, a bloke playing tunes on a laptop, if none of those float your boat then maybe you need a new boat.

Midstock has a “local” ethos, as they put it “local music, local food and local fun; what more could you want on a balmy September day?”. The festival kicks off  Dalkeith’s week-long arts and culture event Midfest and draws thousands of party-goers to the scenic surroundings of Dalkeith Country Park to for the last of the summer sunshine (we bloody hope).

Not for nothing do they bill it as Scotland’s biggest small festival. There’s a lot more on beside the music too, expect stalls, bars, sideshows and oodles of fun.

As we mentioned before, the lineup is about as varied as we’ve ever seen. Edinburgh rockers The Ohh La La’s have been making a name for themselves on the local scene, while anthemic indie rockers The Rahs look to prove there’s more to Prestonpans than.. erm.. well.. we’ll get back to you on that one.

Check ’em out, we likes em !!

Tribute bands, now there’s something that divides opinion but EVERYONE knows AC/DC right ?? so a late afternoon blast through their greatest hits with local outfit Volts promises to be a lot of fun.

And that’s rock, indie and metal taken care of.

Most of the remaining genres are covered by another local tribute band, The Flavours, who apparently purvey “jazz, rock, disco, swing and more”, I’m expecting more than a few crowd pleasing classics in there to keep the Midstock revellers bopping along.

Screenshot 2015-09-08 21.06.18

Not sure about the “Ultra Sonic Anthems Set” courtesy of DJ MC Mallorca Lee (may not be his real name) though, still, give us a chance to check out the array of bars and local food places on site.

Wonder if he does an unplugged set too ?

To be honest we’re not entirely sure what to expect from any of the bands until we get on towards the top end of the bill, where things heat up considerably. The Hoosiers are a big deal chart-wise and one member of TeamCB is more excited than perhaps she should be about seeing the Reading pop stars at Midstock.

Hey, we’re not all about power chords and feedback you know !!

Of course the most anticipated set of the day will be from local chap Mr. Dick, better known as Fish. It’s 30 years since Marillion ruled the world with Misplaced Childhood and as he gets ready to hang up his touring trousers and head off to grow daffodills in Haddington (possibly) Midstock will present the last chance to see the album performed as god intended, in it’s entirety.

Now I’d imagine that a lot of the revelers at Midstock weren’t born when Misplaced Childhood made Marillion the biggest touring band on the planet, but if we bump into any 20-somethings called Kayleigh we’ll have a pretty good idea what their parents were listening too on the night they were conceived.

Screenshot 2015-09-08 21.07.52Headlining, well there’s not many Brit award winning bands that we’ve featured here on CB. The Fratellis will come, the Fratellis will see and the Fratellis will conquer. They’ll play Chelsea Dagger, the place will go mental and there’ll be thousands of us dancing in the warm night air.

Or dancing in the mud. Either way, there will be dancing.

This is going to be brilliant !!

You can get tickets at, see you there.