The Hoosiers Live at Midstock 2015


It was late afternoon at Midstock 2015 and on the main stage next it was time for things to get serious. The Hoosiers are a fairly big deal and judging by the way the arena had filled up (5,000 folk according to the security guy we spoke to) this was a band that people weren’t going to miss. Given their “indie-pop” label we weren’t quite sure what to expect, and we certainly didn’t expect them to be quite this damn good. For a three piece they make a fullsome racket and they pulled out the stops for one of the best sets of the day. The big singles were there and went over an absolute storm, it’s hard to believe that Goodbye Mr A and Worried About Ray are really 8 years old. Although The Hoosiers may not have enjoyed that level of chart success of late they proved that live they are well worth checking out, with Cops And Robbers in particular seeing them doing a very good impression of a CB-Friendly rock band.

OTheHoosiers_Midstock_IainCackblabbath19f course the band know that a lot of the crowd are there for the singles so the slightly self-deprecating intro that new song Up To No Good received did make us smile.

“This is a new song but don’t go to the bar, the song is relatively short”

Believe me Irwin, we’re not going anywhere. In reality there was only one name that brought TeamCB to Midstock and looking at the lineup we didn’t expect anyone to come near to topping the legendary Fish…

But by ‘eck The Hoosiers ran the big man damn close.