Dave Kerr Band Live in Nottingham

Dave Kerr 01

After seeing The Wildhearts smash Rock City last Thursday, the early curfew left us out on the streets well before bed time. We’d only get in the way back at home so we crossed the road and went down to The Tap ‘N’ Tumbler where Dave Kerr Music were making their Nottingham debut.

Now we like Teenage Casket Company and we like Silverjet, so… we’re probably going to get along just fine with the Dave Kerr Band. Billed as Country, Blues and Rock ‘n’ Roll, or at least that is what it says on the t-shirts, the band got stuck into the set just after 10 o’clock to a packed out bar. A few stragglers from The Wildhearts gig had made it down but the crowd was largely there especially to see these guys.

It was also Rob’s birthday so we all had a singalong to wish him a Happy Birthday and there was some dressing up with some tacky fancy dress accessories being handed out amongst the band and crowd. Not sure what that was all about.

But, with Rob wearing his pizza on his shirt and being “80% pissed” our first taste of the Dave Kerr Band was a good one. Lot’s of original rock tracks that we will have to get stuck into when we get chance, plus some Straight To Video (with Rob Singing) and an awesome cover of ‘Living On A Prayer’ to finish our night off in style!

Great stuff!