Michael Monroe & Hardcore Superstar Live in Sheffield

Chase the ACE (1)Double headlining tours don’t always work. The two bands at the top can be a little too different to blend well and you are always going to be disappointed if your particular favourite band isn’t closing the night. Unless you’ve got a bus to catch, or something…

Thankfully this Michael Monroe and Hardcore Superstar tour works pretty sweetly. There’s no silly rotating slots so you know what you’re going to get every night (Michael Monroe will close the night) and perhaps most importantly, both bands are cut from the same cloth. Fans of one band will most likely be into the other band too; so there’s a full evening of top notch rocking for everyone.

We even witness one chap turn up in a Hardcore Superstar t-shirt, watch their set, and then go and buy a Michael Monroe and wear that one for the his show. Now that’s representing!

First of all, we get Tel Aviv’s Chase The Ace. It’s an early start at just half 6 and a lot of the crowd are still up the road in the surrounding pubs, but there’s an enthusiastic gathering down at the front for these fellas. In a similar vein of the double headliners, Chase the Ace play hard rocking good time rock and roll. Squeezing in a cover of ‘Fortunate Son’ and some new stuff from the imminent new album they have the place bouncing and beer glasses raised.

They also unleash some massive purple balls on the crowd which provides some added entertainment.

Hardcore Superstar (3)Hardcore Superstar are regular visitors to our shores. We’ve already seen them on tour and at Hammerfest this year but we’re always ready for more of Jocke and the boys.

There’s something very refreshing about a show like tonights. Hardcore Superstar are a band you can leave your brain at the cloakroom for. It’s just all about having a good time, drinking some ales and as Jocke will ask numerous times tonight “Raise your hands in the air!” He likes hands.

They make sure we know it’s a co-headline tour, as they have a change of pace for a sit down acoustic interval and a change of stage props too. It’s when the backdrops change to the ‘Star’ self -titled design that things really kick off. ‘We Don’t Celebrate Sundays’ and ‘Last call…’ are just massive tracks. As is closer ‘Above The Law’

The gauntlet has been smashed down, but we’re well aware that the following band are up to the task of following Hardcore Superstar.

Michael Monroe (5)Just a day after the new album (Blackout States) hit the stores/sites, out bursts Michael Monroe and his band onto Corporations stage. It’s amazing how much energy Michael possesses as he bounces around the stage, swinging the microphone around, doing the splits, hanging over into the crowd. He is a live wire… his band are on top form too. The new material is outstanding and they have a few classics under their belt to go with that.

Opening up with ‘78’ and then ‘This Ain’t No Love Song’ and then ‘Old Kings Road’ it’s the recent material that we get first. Rich Jones is the only one to try and match Michael Monroe’s energy. He looks like an overgrown Ramone peeling out the riffs on the far left in the shade from the house lights. Conte and Yaffa play it a little cooler unleashing the rock’n’roll racket on us with a calm and collected aura.

The Michael Monroe band have the whole of Corporation dancing as the close to capacity venue bounces under the weight of his good time rock ‘n’ roll. Towards the end of the set we get a bonafide CB favourite in ‘Dead, Jail or Rock N Roll’ which is the cherry on top of a very sweet night indeed!

Tremendous fun.