Deathcrusher Tour 2015

Certain members of Team CB had been getting a bit excited about the mini-festival tour that is Deathcrusher 2015, especially when the dates were announced and it was spotted that the Scottish stop off was at Glasgow’s iconic Barrowlands. The lineup looked, even to a classic rock gal like me, to be pretty bloody good with a mix of metal acts from across the louder end musical spectrum, most of which have been plying their trade since the early 80s.


Although the lineup looked good, I admit to getting a tad excited just at the thought of the venue too. Once upon a time it was thee place to be of an evening in good old Glasgow for a dance, or maybe a romance. These days it’s kitted out for gigs and tonight was one of the more extreme variety and judging by the army of first aiders in the casualty corner they were expecting carnage.

The Barrowlands also boasts some of the most intimidating security men I have ever came across. One glance made even the most hardened crowd surfer think again.

Wasn’t going to stop them doing it though.

So, the stage is set, casualty corner is open for business and the amps are cranked up to 11.

Crowd surfers… Ready.

Security… Ready.

Herod_Deathcrusher_IainCackblabbath_18Right, Let’s have some Herod. Though I’m a little out of my comfort depth with the heavier metals (yrp, i know, that means I’m in the wrong place), I ended up thoroughly enjoying this opening act. They may have only played a mere 5 tracks, but this set the mood for the evening. A slow but steady trickle of folk filled up the hall while the Swiss band got us all off to a good start. Herod’s frontman was yet another big menacing fella, so maybe that put a few folk off.

Or maybe not. Place would fill up soon enough though.

That’s what happens when you have legends on at 7PM, the place fills up rapidly, who knew…

Voivod_Deathcrusher_IainCackblabbath_16Next up was something one of us in CB was especially looking forward to… Voivod. Well after about 10 seconds of their opening song I realised why. I was surprised at them being on so early in the evening, and so low on the bill but obviously we weren’t alone in looking forward to this and it was amazing how much the place filled up before they came on. Having been subjected to them in the car on the way to the gig I didn’t know what to expect, but they played a a belter of a set list, and have a guitarist known as Chewie…nuff said!!

Ok, must admit, they were as good as I’d been told (repeatedly) they’d be.

I hate it when certain people are right 😉

NapalmDeath_Deathcrusher_IainCackblabbath_15One of the bands on the bill I was particularly looking forward to was Napalm Death. Not because I’m a fan, but because I was a little harsh in my opinion of them at this years Bloodstock and I’d been persuaded to give them a second chance. Now I know not everything can be everyone’s cup of tea but I didn’t get them then, and I still don’t get them now. That said, after a history lesson I can appreciate that they are one of the iconic acts in their genre. And once you get past all the growly, shouty vocals and “animal let loose on drums” thingy, they are really tight as a band.

Frontman Barney made my day, wandering on stage in what looked to me like his chill out T-shirt and shorts combo! In between tracks he remarked on song names, lyrics and gave us mini life coaching lessons and advice. Top Brummie bloke, with so much passion and enthusiasm for his craft.

Still doesn’t make me a fan though.

Obituary_Deathcrusher_IainCackblabbath_10As the masses flocked to the bars and snack vendors, I noticed loads of really cool Obituary T-shirts being worn. If popularity of the evening was based purely on T-shirts in evidence, then these guys had won by a country mile. This was another band I had not heard of prior to my pre-gig research and I was impressed straight away. Superb vocals, the usual death metal hooks with first class delivery. As soon as they started, a new breed of fans seemed to take over the now rammed Barrowlands, and commence crowd surfing, insane pits, and fist in the air sing alongs.

I must be getting old, because I always find it refreshing when you can actually sing along with actual words to a song, as opposed to growls, shouts and the general noises that I often associate with the more heavy styles of metal.

Yep, who’d have thought it. Obituary ticked all the boxes for me and I thoroughly enjoyed their set

Carcass_Deathcrusher_IainCackblabbath_2But there’s still the headliners to come, Carcass. After another trip to the bar we returned to the main room to find that even more new faces had appeared and took up even more space. There’s a real buzz going through the crowd now, and then boom! It all kicks off. First thing I like about these guys…. they brought their own fans, big shiny metal ones for that extra special shampoo advert look. Here’s a tip though. Make sure your hairs not sweaty or it will just stick to your face…. oops too late! If you want to get a Glasgow crowd on side the best opening line probably isn’t “Good evening Edinburgh”, even if you are joking. Anyways, the crowd went crazy, the band are clearly having a ball.

Well, what can I say. I expected it to be a loud night. It was. I expected things to get a bit wild. It did. I thought I was out of my comfort zone. I was wrong.

Couldn’t think of a better classic venue in Glasgow to house this. Voivod stole the show, so early on. Obituary surprised me. Herod enticed me. Carcass were outstanding and Napalm Death… well… nope, I still don’t get them.