Deathcrusher Tour : Carcass Live at Glasgow Barrowland


Headlining a tour should be a walk in the park, the big name, the band people are there to see… you know the script. Following on from a stellar lineup the headline band would really have to bring their A game.

Well if Carcass were worried about their place at the top of the Deathcrusher pile then it didn’t show…

Carcass_Deathcrusher_IainCackblabbath_12The band make their usual understated arrival on stage and rip straight into 1985, and any fears that Obituary had left the crowd running on empty were soon dispelled as the British Death Metal veterans proved more than a match for their Floridian tour mates.

Frontman Jeff is his usual self, an opening gambit of “Good evening Edinburgh, I’m joking, I know you’re Dundee” is always a sure fire way to get a Glasgow crowd on side… even if he was joking. I think they were happy with the reception they got too, “There’s more people here than last time we played with Amon Amarth”.

The band are still touring on the back of Surgical Steel (which has recently had another “deluxe” reissue announced) and that opus makes up the bulk of tonight’s setlist with a few dips back into the band’s extensive back catalogue.

Carcass_Deathcrusher_IainCackblabbath_32And the usual inter-song chat and bad jokes from Jeff, gems such as the fact he’d been told that Bill’s mum was watching the gig so he was told “whatever you do, don’t fucking swear”.

Carcass put on an absolute masterclass in proper old school Death Metal. Jeff’s growling intensity is unrivaled and their distinctive twin guitar growl gives everything a real edge. Unlike many of their contemporaries, it was the newer stuff that provided the evening’s highlights, with The Granulating Dark Satanic Mills and Cadaver Pouch Conveyor System receiving an extra kick in the arse over the recorded versions.

It must be soul destroying being an up and coming Death Metal band in the UK these. Carcass call it a day and the young pretenders to their crown make their pitch for a spot at the scene’s top table.. Then Jeff & Co. come back and blow everyone away, showing they are still the undisputed kings of the UK scene.

Quite how anyone could tear themselves away from this I’ve no idea, but there were a steady stream of departees as the night drew on. Well those that left missed a treat as a frankly brutal run through of Heartwork brought Glasgow’s date with Deathcrusher 2015 to a close.