Deathcrusher Tour : Herod Live at Glasgow Barrowlands


The 2015 Deathcrusher tour is a heavyweight bill in every sense of the term. You’d think mixing it with the long-established legends on the bill would be unnerving for a young band, especially when the aforementioned young band have no idea how they’ll be received.

Herod_Deathcrusher_IainCackblabbath_12The label “progressive sludge” certainly piqued our interest, just exactly what is progressive sludge ??

Well after the gig we’re still not sure what progressive sludge is, but Herod were undeniably heavy as fuck. In David Glassey they have an imposing front man straight out of the Phil Anselmo school and if they were nervous it certainly didn’t show.

A 6pm door time meant that they played to a sparse crowd but notwithstanding the numbers, they must have been happy with the reception they got. Switzerland is not always somewhere you associate with blow-your-speakers metal but Herod are setting out to change all that.