Deathcrusher Tour : VoiVod Live at Glasgow Barrowlands


If the truth be told, on of the main reasons we were so looking forward to Deathcrusher in Glasgow was the long overdue re-acquaintance with legendary thrashers VoiVod. Like 4/5ths of the Deathcrusher bill they’ve ebb around for a while now, but if THAT set at Bloodstock a few years back was any indication then they’re still one of the best thrash bands around.

Voivod_Deathcrusher_IainCackblabbath_38Things kick off with, appropriately enough, Ripping Headaches which still packs a massive punch, not bad for a track rapidly approaching its 30th birthday. VoiVod are still massively entertaining live too, and after a sparse crowd for openers Herod the place was damn near packed for the Canadian legends. Chewis is a whirlwind as he throws all the guitar god shapes, while new-ish kid Rocky emulates Blackie’s bottom end rumble.

The temperature is already rising when the pit crew are given their first workout of the evening as Tribal Convictions sees the first crowd surfers of the evening going over the barrier.

No one believes those “crowd surfers will be thrown out” signs obviously.

Voivod_Deathcrusher_IainCackblabbath_29VoiVod are still the masters of what Snake calls “messed up music”, and their avant-garde leanings are still clearly in evidence.The Unknown Knows, Psychic Vacuum, Overreaction, we’ve died and gone to thrash metal heaven !!

Along with the hits from the deep, dark past we’re treated to a new song in the form of Forever Mountain which is their contribution to a split 7″ single with tour (and label) mates Napalm Death before things wrap up, all too soon, with VoiVod.

Talk about setting the bar high. VoiVod were little short of Brilliant in Glasgow and one thing was agreed, they were going to take some beating.