Deathcrusher Tour : Napalm Death Live at Glasgow Barrowlands


One of the worst kept secrets of the year was Napalm Death’s “special guest” appearance on the 2015 Deathcrusher tour. Now we’ve seen the Brummie legends countless times over the year (right back to an unforgettable night in the Edinburgh Venue waaaaaaaay back in the day) and they have never failed to deliver.

NapalmDeath_Deathcrusher_IainCackblabbath_15So, was anyone really expecting their Deathcrusher jaunt to be any different ?

One of the things that always gets us about Napalm Death live is the Jeckyl and Hyde stage persona of frontman Barney who flips between his amiable inter-song self to a screaming demon and back again with little in the way of apparent effort. This is still about as intense as a live show can get, and the pit crew were soon dealing, robustly, with crowd surfers while the inevitable circle pits opened up.

The setlist is a suitably epic career spanning affair. kicking of with Apex Predator – Easy Meat. By the time we get to Metaphorically Screw You about 5 songs in the Barrowlands is going everso slightly mental and the temperature is definitely rising.

NapalmDeath_Deathcrusher_IainCackblabbath_7Of course, it’s the classics that we’re all looking forward to most, and in the Napalm Death pantheon of classics there are a couple that are sure to push the whirling masses over the edge. “Now we’re going to take you back almost as far as we can fucking go, back to the very first Napalm Death album. This is the title track and it is of course called…

Cue a thousand voices all bellowing SCUM !!!!!!

And so it goes on, with the intensity never letting up. Strong Arm is a particular highlight but, ironically for a band who have so many classics of their own,. it’s the final onslaught of the Dead Kennedy’s Nazi Punks Fuck Off that finally blows the roof off the place.

Then, with a friendly “See you later, all the best” Napalm Death are gone. They came, they saw, they f’kin killed it.

Job done.